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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Side Note

I just wanted to make myself clear about my last post. What I was trying to convey is that I love receiving Christmas cards and I do enjoy reading about my friends and family. What they've been up to over the past year, how their kids have grown, their accomplishments....... I truly do!

My bah humbug was me. I don't enjoy writing the letter. Not that I don't have a ton to say about The Native's....... as you all know who read this blog....... It's just forcing myself to sit down and trying to capture an entire year in one tiny little paragraph. Not so good at it!

Have I made myself clear?

P.S. Tami! You. Me. Soon!


  1. Oh you were clear. I enjoy reading brag letters too, except the one from one family that we recieve a card from. It is so condescending I just about puke.
    I hear you on not having time or being able to condense everything from the year- good luck on whatever you decide to do.

  2. You got it. I'll just tell you a few of my most famous Christmas/familyhistoryvomit cards of the past...right now (in case we don't cross paths. You can also destroy this comment after you read it so no one else can copy the ideas :cough:Nat:cough: They get the message out without being boring PLUS, they are super fun to make and read.

    One year I made a crossword puzzle about the fam. For example: 1 Down: Who graduated from High School this year? 1 Across: Where did our family go for summer vacation?

    Another year, I made a Wanted poster. Something like: Wanted One teenager. Love soccer. Goes to Provo High Will graduate in April. (and I did that for each person in our family, including the dogs.

    One more idea (I have lots more), I made little business cards about each family member with a little picture of each on it. Then it had basic information like an advertisment about each one. That was a big hit!

    Good luck. Let me know if you need anything else.

    And, thank you for cheering me up. I feel much better.

  3. @ Tami, I promise I will not copy any of your ideas because:
    a- They involve time. I don't have any and I'm too lazy to create any.
    b- They involve being creative. This is something I am not.
    So consider your ideas safe with me.
    I will say they are cute AND clever and if I were less lazy and creative I would steal them in a heartbeat! ;)

  4. Sending out cards:
    1. pick the card. And then buy two boxes.
    2. take the picture
    3. Get it printed (at .25 to .40 a shot)
    4. Write the letter
    5. put graphic cute things on it
    6. print it out
    7. fold the letter
    8. herd the family into the house at the same time, set out the cards on the table, supplying pens, then make everybody sign every card.
    9. add personal notes
    10 stuff the cards
    11 Find the right stamps
    12 address all those envelopes (I used a database and printed labels - but you have to go buy those and then remember how to use the print/merge function on your computer. And choose a great font that won't run off the sides of the label.
    13. stamps on the envelopes.
    14. Mail them.
    Which is why I can't do this anymore. I'd rather knit a camel. I got a card from G's aunt once that said,
    "From the one who chose the card, bought the card, wrote the letter, stamped and addressed the envelope - and the other person who lives here."


  5. I hate addressing the letters. That's what gets me every year.

  6. Ummmm, I was a good little blog reader and thought I understood your message. I agree that a "letter" of sorts can be hard to accompolish, assuming you actually put your heart and brain into it. So I hope you figure it out. I hope you find that brillant christmas message that you want to send. Don't be too hard on yourself if you skip the letter. A picture is worth a thousand words ya know, way more than you could put into the letter. Good luck and good for you for finding the proper focus!

  7. man. i still hate brag letters. some of them are so....ahh. i will admit that some Christmas letters could be classified as fun and informative and wonderful. but they are few and far between. give me a cool card with a picture any day over a list of callings and awards. i should probably get over myself. dur...

  8. I understood your last post. I agree with you that it is a lot more fun to receive the cards than send them out.


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