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Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm On Camera and I Don't Care!

When Levi was little, he had to stay in the hospital several times. One of his stays lasted over a week. In the pediatric unit, they have video cameras in the rooms so they can keep an eye on the patients. I was so self conscience! I couldn't sleep! What if I was sleeping with my mouth open.... what if I was drooling... horror of horrors!

Saturday night little J was admitted to the hospital. I've been with him excepting when The SM comes for a bit so I can go home and shower. I am proud to say that I have matured to a whole new level. I could care less what is picked up on camera. Drool, mouth open, snoring, or worse........ who cares. I walk around this place in sweats and bed head. I've been woken up so many times with monitors going off, nurses, and doctors coming in and out of the room...

They have Mr. J in isolation. Until they know what is going on he can't leave the room and those that come in have to gown,mask,gloves and cover up in disposables. Secretly, I think they are using Mr. J as an excuse. If you saw me right now, you would come to the same conclusion as me. It is me they are afraid of letting out and about. I. Look. Scary! No sleep for over a week will do that to a person.


  1. Yes, I've seen that side of you. A little disturbing. Frightening. We wouldn't want to have mass hysteria among the hospital staff. Isolation. Hmmm. And I'm trying to think where he'd pick up something that nobody knows what it is. It's not like we've been to other continents lately, or even out of the neighborhood. Yeah. Hmmmm.

  2. I hope they figure out what he has and how to help him get better soon. I'm sure they have seen worse than you. My MIL tells us a few of the things that she sees (and can tell us about) working as a housekeeper.

  3. I think Kristen has a point there... ;)
    We are hoping they figure something out soon. Now go show them how a real woman snores and get some sleep!

  4. I hope that they figure everything out soon and he's back home again...

  5. I'm sorry. I hope your boy gets better really, really fast!

    At least you've put my recent rash of sleepless nights into perspective!

  6. Thank you all. Mr. J is home. He was diagnosed with adenovirus. Pretty serious virus but is making improvements.

  7. thank god he is better. And I bet you were great on camera.


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