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Monday, May 9, 2011

It's Raining Again.......

Life isn't about waiting
 for the storm to pass....
It's learning to
Dance In The Rain!

Is this better Natalie?  Or does it still look like I'm standing in a cow patty?  ;)


  1. Very nice. Love the umbrella reflection. And the cute toes. And hey - how cool was it that the girls won the money for their mom on MOTHER"S DAY?

  2. I use to dislike the rain, unless it was a summer storm. Now I'm better at dealing with them. I actually enjoy it more than I use to.

  3. How is it that you have tan lines on your feet already??

  4. So you wear your favorite sandles when it is hot and sunny? And you you go barefoot (bear foot?) on a rainy day? That's my girl.

    And that umbrella looks like Levi has been using it. It is no longer symmetrical or fully functional--like everything else he touches.


  5. not only are you DANCING in it you are RECORDING the dance. which is best. because then i can feel like i danced with you.

    cute cute cute toes.

  6. Ok Farmer Rachel, is that a cow patty you're standing in? ;)

    PS- Did you change the picture? Because I can't see anything that all of the rest are talking about. Just wondered if I'm blind or just really tired.

  7. love the toes and the tanline!!! xD

  8. Kristen, You are going to have to bring me up to speed. Girls won money. Huh?

    Chastina, I like the rain in the summer..... this is the spring... or so my calendar says it is... it feels more like winter..

    Korrie, Remember those one or two days of sunshine we got? I REFUSED to come inside on those days. My tan line is literally from my ankles down, my elbows down, and my neck up. But it is a start!!!

    SM, I know!!! The thing is a joke! I tried using it to keep my camera dry. It worked for that, sort of, as long as there wasn't a breeze to make it go all squanky on me.

    As for the lack of shoes... I've nothing to say.

    Misty, I wasn't able to take decent photos of it but I even splashed and kicked in the puddles! I recommend it to all.

    Nat, I put up a new photo just for you.... ;)

    Hanna, I want more sun!!! I love walking outside with out shoes on.

  9. Korrie, P.S. The saying is of course, one I look at everyday thanks to you. :D

  10. That really was an optical illusion for me! I thought your feet were bleeding!!


    And sheesh Nat - cow pattie? REALLY? At least the water's blue now.

  12. Tami, Ewww gross! :D

    Kristen, Oh! I KNOW!!!!! I was so mad the cowboys didn't get it and then the daughter/father team but when the girls told about giving their mom the money.... yeah. That was neat.

  13. Okay, now I see it! Even without the new picture, but it helped. And yes, if your poor umbrella weren't so "SQUANKY" (I love that you used that word!) I probably would've noticed it before.

    @K, With that farmer tan and the splotch of dark surrounding her feet what was I supposed to think? The non-creative eye, such as mine is, can't see abstract objects. They have to make it into something familiar, something concrete, hence, cowpatties!

  14. Is squanky a word? (Cute piggies!)

  15. I didn't get it until the second picture . . . it looked like the sidewalk was dry and your reflection was a puddle of . . . well I wasn't sure if you were really talking about rain . . . or other liquids . . . but I'm a little slow these days.

    I, too, love a good rain.

  16. Jody, I have no idea. I just make up words as I go and assume you all know what I am talking about. :D

    Anaise, LOL! With me, you never know!!!

  17. Okay, I TOTALLY see the cow patty, but only because it was suggested. Prior to that helpful observation, I saw only a creatively artistic photo. But now it's all about the poop. Sorry.

  18. ARTISTIC poop. Thought I should clarify...

  19. Wabi, Oh poop can be artistic! Just ask Levi! :D

    Nat, You make me laugh. I love your sense of humor as it matches mine so well. :D


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