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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ready Aim Fire! Another rainy day activity.....

It's raining........ still.......

Old cardboard boxes + creative older brothers = hours of fun pretending to blow up everything with a tank


  1. Boxes were always my personal fave. In fact, we had a big one we used as a puppy slide when the babies got here - hours of fun, watching puppies skitter down the slope of the box. Trains are good, too.

  2. haha that looks like a lot of fun!!

  3. Ohhhh...look at that last picture! I am in love with him already!

  4. Kristen, I remember that! It was SO cute. Mr. J has been playing with his 'tank' all day. Absolutely adorable. Even when it quit raining, he took it outside so he could blow everything up out there. :D

    Hanna, It's been fun watching him have fun!

    Jenni, You really can't. I re-learn this every Christmas, birthday, etc. Why I bother buying what is in the box is beyond me.

    Tami, I have to admit, he really is a heart melting kid. He's the baby, he knows it, he works it, I succumb........ Good luck with this one! May the force be with you. :D

  5. You better watch out...cardboard can be dangerous! Oh wait, that's only if you're my husband. ;)

    I love the one of him looking through the hole. So fun!

  6. That middle photo - SO funny! Looks like he spots the return fire and is about to duck. Boxes hold so much possibility. And I hear ya on the why-bother-buying-them-a-gift line of thought. My youngest son once entertained himself for hours, at home, with a plastic fastener. Just a thick hunk of plastic that had been holding some purchased item together. He said it was a sail boat.

  7. Nat, LOL! Poor Richard. He'll never live that down.

    Wabi, I thought the middle photo was funny as well. This kid has the funnest imagination when it comes to boxes and what not. I get the biggest kick out of seeing what he comes up with next.

  8. Just this week our neighbors had a giant box on their lawn. Their daughter and all of mine turned it into a horse barn/corral and spent hours and hours playing in it.

    Who needs toys?

    Boxes are the best!

  9. Oh, Max would love that. Cardboard boxes can make for the best toys ever.

  10. Anaise, Appliance boxes are the best! They are huge and several bodies can fit in them.

    Ginna, I can remember my sister cutting up boxes for me to make houses for my barbie dolls when I was little. Boxes can be made into anything!


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