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Monday, May 23, 2011

Oh Flarp!


Having a son with special needs has led us on an interesting search for those items which he will think are stimulating.  Items which he can play with that will stretch his mind, help him to be able to focus better, and well...... entertain.

Little did we know when we came across Flarp, just how entertaining that would be.  Do you remember the days of the whoopie cushion?  Flarp is the whoopie cushion times sixty.

It's gooey, Levi likes the texture, and most importantly, Levi likes the sound. 

A few years ago, I took Levi to a horsemanship clinic with me.  We sat in the bleachers along with a bag full of goodies to keep him entertained.  I'd found some Flarp not knowing what it was.  I thought it was just some gooey fun slimy stuff that he'd enjoy holding in his hands. 

We're sitting in the bleachers with people all around when all of a sudden I hear this noise that would make anyone go red in the face and start to hold their nose wondering who'd messed their britches!

Levi and I were off a bit by ourselves and he was playing with this stuff where others really couldn't see it.  People probably thought it was me and my red face a dead give away!  I tried to be the lady and ignore and focus on what was being taught but being the mature adult that I am, I'd start to giggle and then I'd straighten up and get a hold of myself only to have Levi make the Flarp rip another that sent me into another fit of giggles......

The SM recently bought Levi another container of Flarp.  Levi's four older brothers spent a good half hour last night howling with laughter as Levi kept making the Flarp........ well......... FLARP!  I could not get over how immature they were behaving!  I mean, come on.  The first time I'll allow a giggle.  The second time...... maybe......... but a half hours worth?

What is so funny about bodily noises?  And why in the world would it compel a full grown mother to walk in the kitchen where her teenage sons are bent over with laughter and join them is beyond me.......


  1. I'm guessing the laughter of your boys tickled you as much as the "Flarp"...laughter is contagious!

  2. Ah, the mystical powers of flatulation, both spontaneous and not.

  3. I seem to remember you there with us last night

  4. haha my brothers used to play with flarp and it was hilarious!!!

  5. lol. good name-describes the product well.

  6. You are too funny! I once gave Flarp as party favours at my son's party. The kids loved it. Not so sure about the parents. But *I* was giggling right along with the boys and their cacaphony of flarps. Ladies DO SO flarp.

  7. Okay, I raised three boys. How come I've never come across Flarp?! Truth be told, my husband would love it as well----

  8. Nice post, make me laugh. Funny stuff. I was introduced to FLARP last summer and we had hours of laughter as well. How can you not laugh at that? It is the bomb! Hee Hee. Anyhoo, much needed post to read my first day back home from the dreaded hospital. I hate that place. They are dreadful to you and you get no sleep! Hugs.

  9. finally! a substitute for flip! i love it!

    this is so FLARPPING awesome.

  10. Korrie, Especially when one of them is Levi. You can't help but laugh when he does. It is infectious.

    Sarah, Proof that God has a sense of humor..

    Scarf Kid, You're not allowed to tell my secrets! I've an image to uphold!!

    Flowering Momma, I'm thinking pretty much any boy out there likes the stuff, and would be hard pressed to find a grown man who can keep a straight face as well with the stuff.

    Hanna, Your brothers or the flarp? ;)

    Marseille, Pretty clever isn't it.

    Wabi, My kind of lady. You can party with me anytime! I dated a guy once who had sisters who'd told him girls don't do that. He honestly believed them! Bet he was in for a surprise when he got married! :D

    Lisa, I have no idea..... but!! You can get it at your local Wal-Mart :) in the section that has all of the cheap junk. Grown men are little boys in a bigger body. ;)

    Jody, Whoa! Wait! Hospital!! What happened? Well, that is one way to get me to pick up the phone. I'm calling you!!!

    Misty, And waaaay better than fetch. ;)

  11. I think the sound is funny for a lot of reasons. first - it's just an interesting sound all by itself, with no implications. Second, the sound doesn't just happen by itself, so when you hear it, you know that somebody is writhing in embarrassment, and for some reason, human beings find other people's embarrassment about the funniest thing ever. And it never happens at an opportune time. And because humor is often defined as the juxtaposition of an unlikely thing over a contrasting circumstance - well, yeah. Once, I was setting up luminarios out on the front walk in preparation for my Christmas party. A dear and gentle male friend came to help me. He crouched down beside me, reaching for a candle, and - FLARP - and then. And then. And then we both just continued as though he had not just done a trumpet solo. We have never spoken of it. Then again, once we were paying a strategy game at Meridee's house, and I wasn't even pregnant - and we were sitting at the card table, and I said, slowly and thoughtfully, "And what if do this - " reaching for my game piece. And then. Umm. FLARP. I had no warning it was coming. Fit right into the sentence. You don't EVER want to do something in front of Meridee. Honest.

  12. Hee Hee..... my boys also find Flarps hilarious, especially in the car when I can't escape. I am sure there are many years of boy humour still to come! :-p

  13. Kristen, I am laughing hysterically at your comment. I could never have kept a straight face. Oh my heck! Yeah, well, the bishop was over the other day. We were talking about serious things and then Julie starts ripping! I about died!!! Yeah. Serious moment, and then the flarp. Not a good combo.

    Jenni, I'd ground em.... but then I'd have to ground myself.... it never ends.......

  14. Oh, like the Bishop wouldn't know about these things.

    So yeah, rationalize that you have this for Levi's benefit. I didn't miss that, I want you to know.

  15. This make me laugh so hard I almost flarped myself...but it would have been wasted since I am here by myself at the moment!

  16. Kathy, Someday I'm going to rationalize a pool for Levi's benefit too! :D

    Donna, Your comment just made me bust a gut laughing. Thank you for it. You made my day.


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