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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ready Set GO!

I'm ready for it to stop raining and the sun to shine again..........


  1. Now that looks fun! I'm wanting the sun to. Although we have broken sprinkler pipes so this is helping green up our lawn.

  2. I LOVE LOVE the look on levi's face. go check out my blog at the toilet I found. I think you will appreciate!

  3. Me too! I don't like to be hot, but I don't like to be *damp* either! I heard a weatherman say that when the sun does finally come out...we may all just rust!

  4. How Fun! Look at those Mountains! Nice. Hope you get sun today! We've had a nice week here finally, but 4 days of rain coming. Have a blessed weekend!!!

  5. What a beautiful day!

    What exuberant boys!

    What fun!

  6. Oh, man - giggling. When I saw that great, happy truck of a Levi headed for the pool, I actually moved back from the screen an inch, worried about splash. What joy in a boy. And then the butterfly boy has at it - and what a LOVELY leap he took. Great shots, mom. But who needs a pool? They could have mud fights AND swim down at the barn. Or there's probably enough standing water in the yard to count -

  7. If it is commonplace to pray for moisture from the pulpit, then it must also be appropriate to pray for sunshine

  8. Hello dear Rachel,
    You have won my pattern giveaway! Congratulations dear friend:) I have a new computer and my email addresses are all lost, so if you could resend me yours that would be great and I will send the patterns through:)

  9. Chastina, I know! We've not turned ours on yet. It has been nice for that reason..... especially since Levi insists on breaking a few heads off every winter and ours aren't fixed for the season yet either.

    Alex, LOL! A toilet eh? I'm on my way. :D

    Korrie, My worry is that when the sun does decide to come out, it is going to go from wet, cold, and damp to scorching hot the very next day. No acclamation.

    Tami, :D I just pray after you meet him, you think his name is actually chloe. :D

    Jody, One day of sun. Yesterday. I planted some flowers. Today, rain. I should have planted veggies but I hurried and planted flowers instead. I am such a grasshopper..

    Anaise, It really was. I sat outside and soaked up the sun and read for hours. Pure bliss. It was short lived... looking forward to another day of sun soon I hope!!

    Kristen, Henny Penny took those! She did do a great job! Mud sloggin'. Might be fun!

    Melissa, I can just see Heavenly Father up there shaking his head saying, "MAKE UP YOUR MIND"! :D

    Linda, HAPPY DAY OH HAPPY DAY! Oh to win one of your patterns!!! That is winning indeed! Thank you so much!!

  10. I think that these are some of the best pictures of Levi we now have! Bravo henny penny! It is so hard to get his rich smile into the picture. This is the smile we get to see almost every day.

  11. Brian, I know! I like that she got down on their level too. She's a natural.

  12. Awesome action sequences! And miss Henny took those? Way to go girl! She's got a good eye for sure!

  13. Ginna, She did. I thought she did a great job. I'll need to give her the camera more often and see what she comes up with.

  14. I love the mid-air shot of your little guy. Maybe you could submit it in the Costco photo contest and make $50,000 and add a glorious front porch like the one you had when you were growing up.

    Just an idea!


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