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Friday, May 6, 2011

Nature. I'll Get Back To It Later.

We've been studying flowering trees all week and to end this edition of our nature study, we went on a nature scavenger hunt yesterday. Hopped on our bikes and hit the river trail.

Find a small wild flower. What color is it?

Okay, we realize that this little cute purple flower is actually really evil in disguise as I wrote about in this post but it fit the criteria so we put a check in the box.  Done.

Oh look Mr. J! There's a little purple one. I put on my breaks, put my feet down, and SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAM!!

I about my foot down on it. See it?

I about messed my britches.

I'm all about nature study. Getting close to nature.....

But if you ask me, and I don't care if you did or not, I'm still gonna give my opinion..... this was a little too close.

Shudder..... I hate snakes.......


  1. so you're a screamer are ya?

  2. Hee hee! I'm fine with snakes, apart from the startle factor. Oh, as it turns out, I'm not-so-fine with them in my house though. No, not-so-fine at ALL.

  3. At least it was outside. Although I don't like being surprised by critters.

  4. Whew, another code brown averted.;)

    Ha, ha! My Word verify is "messn". Completely appro-pro for this post!

    PS- Cutest.Header.EVER!

  5. Jody, I've been on edge ever since! Everything looks like snake now to me!

    Wabi, Oh! I would seriously move!! In the house? Are you kidding me? The Native's found a snake this weekend and had it in a big bucket in the garage. I told The SM that it had better not escape or he could find me at the nearest hotel. I was NOT coming home. Shudder...

    Chastina, As far as I am concerned.... the farther away outside those suckers are... the better.

    Nat, A code brown for me but guess who had one on Sat. while running with me along the airport road??? I laughed so hard. It was the same Native who was horrifed and ran and hid when I had to ask to use a strangers biffy!!! Oh it was a beautiful moment.

  6. Ah, honey - snakes are very cool. Literally. They're dry and cool to the touch, and sinuous, which is fun to feel in your hand. Some of them bite - but I remember tiny little green snakes we used to get when we were kids - poor things. Beautiful and tiny and fragile. Look at that warrior handling that garter snake. BRAVE. you big baby.

  7. Jody, I must clarify, She is not just a screamer when a snake is involved. The scream is followed by gravity defiance and sometimes the offering of a sacrifice.

    Gravity Defiance
    -If riding a bike, she will perform a marvelous stunt by standing on her handle bars. It is an amazing feat rivaled only by the most expert BMX bikers.

    -If hiking, she will climb up/jump on anything. Bench, tree, my shoulders...anything. You can see where native J gets his monkey climbing skills from.

    -If there is nothing to climb or jump on, she just hovers in the air magically.

    Offering Of a Sacrifice
    -Like the ancient greek gods, the snake demands a human sacrifice. If the snake has its fangs in you (and yes all snakes have huge poisonous fangs), then it can't stick them in her. So anyone within reach is fair game to be pushed or shoved into the jaws of the waiting serpent.

    -Don't take it personal. It is instinct. Noone is too dear. I've been offered. I've seen own young children offered. And yes, I've even seen her father offered as a nobel, unwilling sacrifice to the serpent. Of course, that was an eel and not a snake.


  8. Kristen, I'm afraid we can no longer be friends. Snakes are NOT beautiful things....

    SM, Tis true! Every word of it.

  9. Brian, thanks for the clarity. You must know by now I love data and am driven by such forces. I am grateful for your time and information involving the talents of your wife, my friend. I would conclude that there would be a fit for such talents in something stealth like special forces but .... in a finer niche. For some reason area 51 comes to mind and I could theorize that perhaps some of those UFO and USO's we hear about may indeed perhaps be the direct outcomes of some of her gifted talents. Dunno, just saying. I heard those who dedicate their lives with respect to finer niches of "special forces" are dedicated to the point where loyalties run high with any required sacrificial requirements, no matter the cause. I will keep this little tid bid in my "file" and take extreme caution when visiting, but am excited to know my friend with great holy talents is out there serving our country somehow. God Bless America! P.S., I know this must be classified information, but is the WNV a cover of sorts?

  10. Rachel- Do not open the next box I send you via US Mail. Just sayin'! Shake it first to be sure it is not hissing. I am proud to be your friend.


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