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Thursday, May 5, 2011


It started with this:

And then Mr. J wanted a go of it...

Then Mrs. Darling wanted a turn to which Peter laughingly asked, Are you serious? You're a grown up! (His nice way of saying, Are you crazy lady?  You want me to push your fat bahootie around?)

To which Mrs. Darling replied that she may be grown up but she doesn't have to act like a grown up!

The End!


  1. Yay Rachel! That looks like so much fun!

  2. Next invest in a plasmacar...they're great for "grown-ups" too!

  3. Please take me with you. I don't like the place I've stumbled into. What a great little uncle C makes, bless him!

  4. Hooray for speed and never growing up!!

  5. I wanna ride!!!
    (heh- i have a teacher named mrs darling...:) )

  6. What a great guy! That looks like fun.

  7. Sarah, Hee!

    Julie, It was! A, letting down my hair, moment.

    Korrie, I've no idea what that is!! I will have to investigate.

    Kristen, Yeah, he's a pretty good guy. He puts up with us all doesn't he?

    Nat, Well what are you waiting for???

    Jenni, Let's make a pact. That we'll never grow up! I'd make a pact that I'll never grow out but I've alreayd broken that one... but I'm pretty sure I can keep the not growing up one. :D

    Anaise, Immature!

    Hanna, And is she? A darling?

    Chastina, It was. I'm helping keep Mr. C in shape. I just keep on giving and giving!;)

  8. The things you make my children do.


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