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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day

Dear (the best) MOM (in the world)
I thank and love you because,

1.  You took the time to ground me, spank me, put sope in my mouth, sent me to my room, gave me

chores, etc..... because I did something wrong and you diciplined me which

 made me the man that I am.

2.  You took the time to love and raise me and take me to school, fix dinner for me everyday etc.....

Happy Mothers day!

P.S.  I love you


  1. Now that, is a Mother's Day sentiment I hope to get one day.

  2. Pretty darned profound and intelligent thanks. What's more, it wasn't signed. Which means this was no butter-up job. See? It only takes decades of being Wicked Witch of the West - and then you end up with this bit of profound love. WAY worth the investment.

  3. Yup, WAY worth the investment. The fistfulls of dandelions, which surely you must get too, are pretty awesome as well.


  4. Nat, You will! And someday, your daughter in laws will be singing your praises too.

    Hanna, I know!!

    Kristen, Unsigned but the culprit couldn't keep a straight face when I asked who it was from. Mr. C :D

    Wabi, Yes, fistfulls of the dandies and other flowers around that aren't supposed to be picked and yet, what are flowers for if not to be enjoyed. I gave up on having nice flower beds years ago when my boys would come in all excited with fistfulls of my newly planted flowers. Not worth it. I'll raise flower beds someday after I'm done raising The Native's. :D


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