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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dear Deer

In the bee video I mention seeing the deer in the field but you can't see them on the video.  You all thought I was making it up didn't ya?

Well, this is taken from my upstairs bedroom window and is proof to you all that the deer are there..... and portrayed in the movie, "Bambi" they are all cute and big eyed and oh dear!

Oh dear....... why are all of the tops missing on my tulips?

Oh dear....... why are my veggies looking half eaten?

Oh dear........ what are these tiny little hoof prints in my flower beds?



  1. Oh dear! look at those mounds of dirt they kicked into your back yard. You're buried in!

  2. Ummmm. Jody. Those aren't mounds of dirt. Those are richly fertilized tufts of very healthy grass.

  3. K- Tee Hee. You obviously live out there. "Look BEYOND the grass"....those HUGE mounds of dirt!!!!!!!

  4. :D The 'mountains' of dirt. :D

  5. Yeah, the dirt with snow on it.
    I have plenty of grass here, I know what that looks like. :)

  6. hmmm, yes their cuteness doesn't quite compensate for nibbled tulip tops - naughty bambi!

    1. Yes, they seem so innocent and cute!! Until I come out in the morning and see what they've been up to all night!!


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