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Friday, June 29, 2012

Jokes On You!

Like most bloggers, I like to see who has been visiting my blog.  I find it incredibly amazing that anyone would even want to take the time to read my blog quite frankly so when I pull up my reader site, it truly kerboozles me the number of people that visit my blog.   

People find each others' blogs through many different ways.  A blog might be recommended to you, you might like a comment someone makes on someone else's blog and go to theirs, or you might Google something and happen upon someone's blog.

In my reader, it lets me know if someone has Googled something and ended up on my blog.  One search in particular caught my eye and when I saw what the person had Googled and saw the photo they got from my blog......... it had me laughing uproariously and saying, "Serves you right!"

Be careful what you Google.  Next time you Google, "Naked girl".  You just may find this photo of my, 'naked girl' on your screen.

Still giggling....... what a hoot!!!  Poor Mildred........ who knew a poor naked neck chicken could draw so much attention.


  1. Oh my goodness!!!! hahahahahahahahaha :D LOVE IT!

  2. That is so much cosmic justice!

  3. That's great . . . and kind of creepy.

  4. Oh, this is hilarious - and TOTALLY creepy. The thought of low-life people of no substance and worse mind stopping by really creeps me out. But how lovely, the irony is. And I should be getting ready for church, come to think of it. Or I'm gonna be late - which has been too awkward a thing to contemplate for the last - what - twelve years? - I've been doing the opening music. I was going to try to catch up, but I think a shower might be wiser just now. Unless somebody wants to Google "drowned cats at church."

  5. Yep - big time creepy. I actually disabled the function that allows search engines to find my blog for that very reason. Well, the words themselves were different, but disturbingly creepy. I actually really slowed down on blogging from that point on. Like I'm not paranoid enough already. I've never regained the same level of comfort. Ick.

  6. Dear Mildred - you have caused such a stir! Get Rachel to knit a scarf to up that indecent naked neck of yours!

  7. :D I have a neighbor who has knit an entire outfit for her chicken as her whole chicken is naked!!


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