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Friday, June 15, 2012

Rainbow Twirly Ribbons

There is a blog that I follow called, Twig and Toadstool.  It's a wonderful blog filled with fun ideas and projects for you to do with your kids.

Summer is in full swing here.  The Native's have been home from school for a few weeks now which is perfect opportunity to do a project like this one.  The making of twirly rainbow ribbon wands.

The tutorial for these wands is located here on the Twig and Toadstool site.  Because they do such a good job teaching you how to make these, i'll let you go to their site for the instructions.

It made for a fun morning for the three youngest Natives as they colored both sides of the ribbon.

What drew me to this particular project is Levi.  Levi loves flags, anything that resembles a flag, anything that as he rides his bike will go flapping in the air behind him.  This was perfect.  It's colorful, it's attached to a stick, and  it twirls and flaps behind you when you ride fast on your bike.  Perfect!

Why yes, my daughter is still in her jammies.  Her mother was still in her jammies.  Why should my daughter be any different?  And no making comments that you can tell by the shadows it's close to noon!  It's summer vacation!

We did make one small change in the directions.  The tutorial suggests that you take a medicine dropper which you see Henny Penny using here in this photo.  She is taking rubbing alcohol and as you drop it on the spaces in between the colors, they start to run together.

I'm lazy.  I got a little glass bowl, poured the rubbing alcohol into it, and then ran the ribbon through the bowl really fast getting the whole ribbon wet.  We then let the ribbons dry on the grass.

You do get your hands all stained with the colors if you do it my way so if you do, wear rubber gloves if you don't like dyed fingers.

 I made the mistake of telling Levi we were dipping the ribbons in alcohol.  He's been learning at school that you don't do drugs or drink alcohol.

Levi:  ALCOHOL!!  Did you say ALCOHOL!

I ignored him.  How in the world do I explain  to him that rubbing alcohol is okay but the kind he's been taught about isn't ?  I couldn't think of how to separate the two for him in his sweet mind so I chose to ignore him and change the subject.  I know.  My parenting skills are astounding.

For those who may be reading my blog for the first time, our Levi has special needs and is mentally pure and innocent.

Twirly wands!  I was chased around the yard at one point and told I was going to be changed into a turtle.

Levi's favorite activity.  Standing by the air conditioning unit watching objects fly up into the air.

Daily Levi funny:

Levi:  What is this?
Mr. J:  A donut!
Levi: Who's gonna have that last donut?
Mr. J:  I dunno.
Levi:  I haven't had one since I was 90 years old!


  1. How fun! I totally see a new preschool activity coming up at my house!

    1. It's a lot of fun and as you can see from Levi, something kids of all ages can do.

  2. I am so with you on speeding up the process. Who has time for a medicine dropper when you can do the whole thing at once? I have a cute Don't Do Drugs story. Do you remember an anti-drug commercial where they fried an egg? At the beginning they show you an egg and say, "This is your brain." They drop the egg in the hot pan and it sizzles and pops and curls all up like eggs do and at the they say, "This is your brain on drugs."
    This is the conversation a friend had with her child after they watched this commercial.
    mom: So, what did you learn from this commercial?
    kid: Don't eat eggs?
    Sometimes it seems so clear to us, but they hear something else altogether!

    1. :D That is funny Donna! Like when we tell our kids to stay out of the street and stay on the sidewalk and they look at us and wonder what the sidewalk is.........

  3. They look beautiful! Thank you for sharing your results! xo maureen

  4. Those are FAB! I love the photos of the kids looking so focussed on their projects. And yeah, the quicker and easier, the better. The Levi story is pretty darn charming. And how clever to fly the ribbons above the AC unit!

    1. Levi spends the majority of his time watching things fly up in the air over the AC. It's quite entertaining to watch!

  5. I certainly hope Levi did get that donut if it's really been that long.

  6. I wonder if I climbed up on the unit if I would fly up? I like to think I would, so I'm not going to try it and spoil the dream. I haven't had peppermint bark since I was 90, either. Levi and I need to retire and eat intelligently - donuts and peppermint bark all day long. I love it that Wabi said FAB. I am going to say it too: FABbbbbb.

    1. The idea of peppermint bark in this raging heat sounds FAB!!!!!


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