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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Building Walls

I had an interesting conversation with my younger sister a few days ago about my blog. She said that my first entries are much different then my recent entries. Oh? How so?

She says that my first entries are more me and that my recent entries are more sarcastic.

I asked her which she liked better and she said that my recent entries are entertaining but that she likes my older posts better.

I had to think on that a bit and I realized that I was doing it again. I was building walls. Big fat brick walls. I told my sister. Who wants to hear the big, the bad, and the ugly all of the time? Who wants to hear that I've been sick for what seems like forever and am exhausted? Who wants to hear about the day in and day out difficulties Levi faces? Not me that is for sure. It is too depressing so I do what comes naturally. I build walls, joke, sarcasm..........

For you Sarah, I will try to make things more personal but if some sarcasm seeps in..........I can't be held responsible.

Yesterday was Memorial Day. Brian was home so we wanted to do something fun with the kids. It was raining and cold outside so most options we'd have chosen weren't possible. We decided to take the mom.........I called them punks.........I know.......they're adorable.........but they're also punks.........

Anyway, we decided to take them to the movies. We took them to see "Horton Hears a Who" or something like that. It is a Dr. Seuss movie that we thought maybe the little ones would sit through if we were really really lucky. As Brian and I were sitting there Brian looked at me and asked, "Is this the first time Jadon has seen a movie at the theatre?" By golly I think it is! The child is 3 years old and this is his first time in a movie theatre.

That is what comes from being the younger brother of Levi. Levi in the past has not been able to handle going to the movies so we've not gone. Another one of those things we used to do that has gone by the way since Levi has come along.

We took a risk taking him yesterday. A few times he squirmed and looked like he might need to leave but then he'd settle down and continue watching so kept at it. We hoped it wouldn't be too much stimulation for him and that we'd be paying for it later. You never know with Levi. We'll see in the next few days if it affected him. Usually if he is going to have an attack it is within a week after the activity.

So, for a week now we'll try to make sure Levi gets tons of rest and as little stimulation as possible just in case................

There.......was that personable enough for ya Sarah? My laws what I do for my baby sis!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Boot Scootin' Booty!

How the heck am I supposed to discipline this punk when he does stuff like this?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I have the cutest punks...........when they're asleep!

Look what I found when I went to get my punks up this morning?

Isn't that just the sweetest? Dang they are SO sweet when they are asleep..........

Matthew the punk in red keeps getting Jadon the punk in blue out of his crib and bringing him into bed with him.

I think I'm going to frame this so when they are teenagers and beating the tar out of each other I can remind them that they did in fact at one time love each other.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wow! That wax figure looks real!

All of the fifth grade classes at the kids' elementary school did the dag nab cutest thing yesterday. They have been studying people in history that interest them. They were to pick someone they wanted to learn about and write a report on that person. They then did a wax museum where they dressed like the person or had props from that era. On their hands red circles were colored. As we would walk by we would touch the red button and they would come to life telling about their person and then when they were done they'd go back to posing like a wax figure until someone else came along and pushed their button.

Colin chose John James Audubon. He was absolutely adorable and the best little wax figure there and I am not even slightly prejudiced. Ya, there were about a hundred kids doing this project but they held nuttin' on Colin. I even went and pushed his button several times just to make sure.

When he got home I made him do his little skit all over again so I could video tape it. When I can get my handsome who was out of town but is now in town again so I'm complete and can stop looking out the window sighing and picking at fly guts that are smashed on the glass husband to help me figure it out I will try to post the video on this here bloggy thing.............

In the meantime, I have really technical things that I need to take care of like......running the dishwasher.........running the washing machine..............they take all of my skills and capacities so trying to figure out how to get video onto the computer is something I'm sure on a normal day I could just figure out like nothin' but you know how it expertise is needed in other areas today.....and tomorrow........and the next..........

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Why is this punk crying?

And why is this man who makes my heart go pitter patter laughing?

What sick and twisted joke is being played? I'll tell you what. Remember the whole snake episode and how I am so mature?

Yesterday was Colin's 11th birthday. He wanted to spend the day at the zoo so we gathered up the punks and made preparations to leave. As we were heading to the car one of my punks let it slip that there was a lizard loose in our truck! WHAT?

A week ago Brian took the scouts on a campout and apparently two stowaway lizards were brought aboard. I of course was not informed of this until the next day. Walking home from church a lizard scurried across our path finding refuge in the neighbors yard. That's funny........we do not have lizards here...........uh huh. Brian fesses up. We have TWO. Looks like they escaped.........

So where is the second one? I find out yesterday.......

I told Brian I was NOT going to get in that vehicle until they got the thing out. No way was I going to be trapped in a vehicle going 75 miles an hour down the interstate with a lizard running loose. He and the boys assured me that they couldn't reach it, it wouldn't bother me, and "we're late, we need to get going". I kept telling them I didn't care how late we were. I was NOT going to get in that vehicle with a lizard. They could go to the zoo without me for all I cared.

My sweetie hit way below the belt.....he said, "I thought you were mature now".......with a smirk on his face.............

This went on for quite some time. Me refusing to get into the truck, the kids and Brian trying to chase the lizard out from underneath the front seat. Brian gave up and started to get in the truck and told every one to load up. I told Trevor to "get it". He told me he was trying but couldn't reach it. I went to the front and was going to grab the ice scraper with a big long handle and start whacking the floor in the hopes of scaring the thing towards Trevor when the thing came scurrying out right where my feet WOULD HAVE BEEN IF I'D GOTTEN IN THE TRUCK!

I jumped back about a mile as warm liquid oozed down my legs and started blowing into a paper bag hyperventilating. My sweetie, my hero, my manly man caught the wretched thing and then said, "now what do you want me to do with it?"

I told him I didn't care. Give it away. We called over a neighbor boy and gave it to him. He was so delighted with is reptilian stowaway and we proceeded to load up in the truck. I looked back and Kirsten was sobbing her eyes out. I thought, "you poor sweet little thing. You are trapped in your car seat and that must have been really really scary. It was for mommy!"

Do you know what her answer was? NO, she was upset because I'D GIVEN THE LIZARD AWAY AND SHE WANTED IT!

I looked at my sweetie and he sat there chuckling at me. I was surrounded by lunatics! All of them. I can't believe how immature they all were! They thought it was hysterical that I was petrified and Kirsten's heart was broken because I'd given away her new "pet".

I tried leaving them at the zoo............I would have too...........if I weren't so mature..............

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The cold hard facts about snakes

Yesterday I was out planting tomatoes and peppers when I heard Levi yelling at Jadon to, "get the snake". I looked up and there were the two of them moving one of my planter boxes around trying to corner the unlucky victim of boyhood delight.

I was clear across the yard so didn't worry too much. I'm getting so mature! When Brennan was little I was gardening in about the same spot as I was yesterday and this horrid slithering tongue flicking demon dared make itself known to me. I jumped up and ran across the yard screaming leaving my very young (like two or three years of age) punk to fend off the dragon while I hid behind my skirts as a warm trail of something ran down my legs. True story! Well, most of it. I didn't really wet my pants but I felt like it and I didn't really have on a skirt but I'm sure I felt like it!

ANYWAY, I've matured is what I'm trying to say. I actually stayed in the yard knowing there was a snake fifty yards away. Be proud of me dang it!

Eventually the snake was caught and the boys ran off in delight to torture it I'm sure and I didn't stop them because I was busy planting tomatoes and I've got my families welfare and food to worry about and if any reptile creepy crawly lovin' person is reading this I'm sorry but my punks come first. I was planning on rescuing that snake just as soon as I got my garden planted......and the laundry done.......and dinner fixed..........and the horses fed........and their poop scooped (manure--there Geneva are you happy? I said MANURE and not poop--she's trying to make me more genteeeel) and the kids bathed.......and put to bed..........and well frankly you know how it is! I was VERY busy!

The kids came in for dinner and I made all of them wash their hands because I didn't want us all to wake up in the morning with our tongues flicking out of our mouths and no appendages. We sat down to dinner and Levi announced that he'd put the snake in the mail box.

Later that evening I very nicely asked my husband to go and remove the snake from the mailbox since he is a manly man and can handle ferocious tongue flickin' slimy creepy slithery demons and take it far far far away!

When we went to bed and I was snuggled up next to my strapping manly man I asked him if he'd taken care of the snake and he said it wasn't in the mailbox. He'd looked and there wasn't a snake in it.

This morning after the kids woke up Levi had snakes on the brain and wouldn't quit talking about his snake. He asked me where it was and I confidently told him, "lost". Tee hee hee! He then confidently told me, "NO, it's in mailbox". I confidently told him, "NO, tee hee hee IT'S NOT! It went bye bye"! This conversation went on for quite some time and I won't tell you how long because I'm trying to be mature and anyways it doesn't matter because I'm the mom and I'm always RIGHT.

I got Levi's coat and backpack on and then proceeded to get my own coat on and shoes. When I was finished I walked out the door and was met with Levi with a huge grin on his face holding...........THE SNAKE! "Where did you get that"? I asked in a high I'm freaked out voice as warm liquid is trickling down my legs. He confidently told me, "In the mailbox".

If I didn't love Levi's dadgum father so much and think he is so manly and handsome and makes me swoon whenever I see him.........I'd make him sleep on the couch..........good thing I'm so mature!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Going cowboy!

Do you see what the temperature is? This is with the sun shining on it!

Where is this punk's mother?
I'm calling child protective services.........

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Their color is running.......

I love it when in the spring the daffodils and tulips come up. For several years we've had these bright pink tulips come up in our front flower beds. They are so bright after a dreary cold winter and as spring comes before the leaves and blossoms pop out on our trees these beautiful pink tulips greet us.

This year something strange happened. It has been a very wet and cold spring and it is as if the rain has washed away some of the pink leaving streaks of white.

Our tulips have never looked like this. They have always been a solid bright pink.

Look at the feathering. Nature has done an awesome paint job on these tulips!

Last year I asked Brian to plant me some fancy tulips that are more multi colored. I think my solid pink tulips heard and were hurt. Their tears washed away some of their pink rouge leaving this really cool feathery look. I have some dark purple tulips that I think I'll go and offend. I like what happens when my tulips feelings are hurt..........

WHAT? You'd do it too! Admit it!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Pappa bear bowl;baby bear spoon

Would someone PLEASE do the dishes around here so that this poor punk can have a decent bowl of cereal?

That's would someone please teach him how to properly eat his cereal with a spoon?

I give up................

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Taking chocolate to a whole new level!

Today is Mother's Day. I was naughty and stayed out late last night riding with my two older punks Brennan and Trevor until after midnight. By the time we got to bed it was 1:00 in the morning. This afternoon I was pretty pooped so I crashed on the couch for a few minutes of shut eye. I woke up to this:

Kirsten: (who is 7) Mom, I made you some eggs for Mother's Day!
Me: Oh that is so sweet!
Kirsten: Ya, I made them with chocolate cookies.
Me: What?
Kirsten: I put chocolate chip cookies in them.
Me: Oh.........ummm.......that was creative.........what made you think of that idea?
Kirsten: Well, you like chocolate!
Me: Yes, I do!

Happy Mother's Day! I ate the whole thing..........those were the sweetest scrambled eggs I've ever had..........can't wait until next year to see what my punks come up with in my honor.........

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Battle weary

I looked out my kitchen window and I saw this:

Earlier the natives were restless

I asked them if I could play..........

They told me to go back and finish washing the dishes or they'd scalp me........

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Gonna be a sobby feel sorry for myself post today

Most of my posts are nonsense. I've said it before, I try to go through life finding the humor in all things. All things that aren't evil anyway.

Today humor is harder to find but given time I'll find it. I promise.

The day started out normal enough. Got up early before the kids for personal quiet time, read my scriptures, meditated on some thoughts. I had this thought which actually ties a little into my thoughts now. We read in the scriptures, Honor thy father and thy mother that thy days on the land may be long. What does this mean? Many people are taken from this earth "early"
and they honored their father's and mother's.

Anyway, back to my morning. I got kids up, made them breakfast, took Brennan to work (he can actually take himself on his bike as it isn't far but I like the alone time with him for a few minutes so I can tell him that I love him and to have a good day), ran and fed the horses and scooped their poop which was monumental since it rained buckets yesterday and last night and the pasture is all under water and mud, came home and got the other kids off to school, cleaned up the kitchen, and then sat down to my e-mail.

I have a dear friend who has two children with LCA. They are both blind. I do not know all of the details of their disability but I do know that these two beautiful children are blind and have been from birth. I can't even comprehend what my friend goes through and has gone through in raising these beautiful children. She e-mailed me this morning with some incredible news. There is a gene therapy being done that is in its initial trial stages and the results are wonderful. The child/children who are doing this therapy are able to see a little bit. Can you imagine what this opens up for these children and adults with this disability?

My emotions hit a whirlwind. One second I am ecstatic with the news and then the next I am hurled into sorrow for Levi and then excitement again for my friend with these feelings of sorrow pushing harder and harder against my feelings of excitement for my friend. I am sitting here wanting to sob as the pain in my throat just hurts.

A cure! Yes, a cure! I want a cure! I want my Levi to go through life without pain. I want him to live a long healthy life. I buy him clothes that are soft to try to help him feel better. I buy him bedding that is soft and the softest mattress to try and help him feel better. I buy him expensive boots with cushy soles to help his feet feel better and the punk throws them in the ditch....... :o) What I am trying to say is THERE IS SO LITTLE I CAN DO FOR HIM!

Honor thy father and thy mother.........that thy days may be long upon the land.........what does that mean? Children who are not accountable are taken from this earth all of the time. I realize it has nothing to do with this but that is how I started my day....with that question on my mind..........

Okay, I've found my humor. I know the is simple. I have two two year old twins and why I should have even needed time to ponder this shows the lack of sleep I've had lately. Kids, ya better do what I say or I'm gonna take you out faster than you came here and that was fast. Just ask your father.........

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

HELP! My punks have taken over my camera.......

or at least I am assuming it was my punks........

I was downloading photo's on my camera and found these. I'm now trying to figure out what it is my poor deranged punks are trying to tell me........

Ooooh grooose, look at the crumbs on the stove and all of the gunk all over the toaster oven! Who put that there? When I left the kitchen none of that was there!

That is NOT dried petrified spaghetti sauce splattered on the wall behind the stove. It is called "texture". It is the latest in state of the art home decor painting.

I don't have a problem finding what I'm looking for in this you see a problem here? I didn't think so. Sniff!

Why didn't someone lick off that extra ketchup on the lid before it was put away last? Now it is all hard and sticky!

That crusty stuff on that plate was put there on purpose! Gives the baby something to gnaw on.

I realize the top of a bench is for sitting on but I purposely put those boots there to add to the decor.....and Jadon's shoes.........and all that dirt under the creates a "feeling" "ambiance".........Hollywood pays big bucks for stuff like this!

Dirty laundry............ya, so what's your point? It's not quite ready to be done's still not overflowing the basket and oozing down the stairs!

Don't look at the crusty dust that is now a permanent fixture in the corners of the piano. It is holding the piano together! It's an old piano.............

Aaaa, aint that just cute.........WAIT, is it just me or does this photo make my window's look cloudy and dirty.........that's what I thought's the camera.

Leftover dinner from the night before crusted on the table....and the night before......and the night before..........Oh look guys! Left over pizza! Didn't we have pizza at Levi's birthday last month? I believe in having a year's supply of food storage.

Has anyone seen Brennan's thingy that he sticks in his ears and it plays music?

That silver is supposed to be unpolished! It's antique!

Hey! I found Brennan's stick in his ears music thingy. It was hard to find with all of the gunky dust distracting me on that there cool picture of George Washington but I found it! And some one's leg too.........anyone missing a leg around here?

I promise! It's the camera that makes my window's look cloudy!

After watching the movie "Charlotte's Web" it is against all my principles to extinguish any cobwebs...........those light areas under the shelf aren't from the lighting. I am saving Charlotte's future posterity.....and being environmentally friendly by not using pesticides, fly swatter's and the such to get rid of unwanted bugs.......

Okay, I want to know who took these blasted photo's. I see the pattern.....I'm not stupid......if you want a stinkin' cleaner house and your laundry done then go and petition your own dadgum fairy godmother cuz mine took a leave of absence and is in therapy. Last I heard what ever she has......... it's terminal..........

Monday, May 5, 2008

I had an affair with chocolate!

Right before I met Brian there was a young man who was serving a mission for our church "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints" that I was "waiting" for. He was serving for two years and I was just sure when he got home that we were going to be married and live a life of bliss together. I decided to make and send him some brownies because I was sooo in love with him and wanted to show him how much I loved him. I boxed them up, addressed them, and sent them with my dad to work so he could mail them for me. They were to go all the way to England.

I cleaned my dad's office once a week. About a week later as I was cleaning my dad's office I found the package. My dad hadn't mailed it opened it and snarfed every last brownie...........soon there after I left for college......met Brian..........and forgot all about "waiting".........I should have known when I ate his brownies it wasn't meant to be.............