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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Building Walls

I had an interesting conversation with my younger sister a few days ago about my blog. She said that my first entries are much different then my recent entries. Oh? How so?

She says that my first entries are more me and that my recent entries are more sarcastic.

I asked her which she liked better and she said that my recent entries are entertaining but that she likes my older posts better.

I had to think on that a bit and I realized that I was doing it again. I was building walls. Big fat brick walls. I told my sister. Who wants to hear the big, the bad, and the ugly all of the time? Who wants to hear that I've been sick for what seems like forever and am exhausted? Who wants to hear about the day in and day out difficulties Levi faces? Not me that is for sure. It is too depressing so I do what comes naturally. I build walls, joke, sarcasm..........

For you Sarah, I will try to make things more personal but if some sarcasm seeps in..........I can't be held responsible.

Yesterday was Memorial Day. Brian was home so we wanted to do something fun with the kids. It was raining and cold outside so most options we'd have chosen weren't possible. We decided to take the mom.........I called them punks.........I know.......they're adorable.........but they're also punks.........

Anyway, we decided to take them to the movies. We took them to see "Horton Hears a Who" or something like that. It is a Dr. Seuss movie that we thought maybe the little ones would sit through if we were really really lucky. As Brian and I were sitting there Brian looked at me and asked, "Is this the first time Jadon has seen a movie at the theatre?" By golly I think it is! The child is 3 years old and this is his first time in a movie theatre.

That is what comes from being the younger brother of Levi. Levi in the past has not been able to handle going to the movies so we've not gone. Another one of those things we used to do that has gone by the way since Levi has come along.

We took a risk taking him yesterday. A few times he squirmed and looked like he might need to leave but then he'd settle down and continue watching so kept at it. We hoped it wouldn't be too much stimulation for him and that we'd be paying for it later. You never know with Levi. We'll see in the next few days if it affected him. Usually if he is going to have an attack it is within a week after the activity.

So, for a week now we'll try to make sure Levi gets tons of rest and as little stimulation as possible just in case................

There.......was that personable enough for ya Sarah? My laws what I do for my baby sis!

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  1. So, did it turn out okay? One life, we get - and we build into it what we can. You have plenty of great stuff in yours, even without the dang movies -


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