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Friday, April 29, 2011

Function vs Beauty

A home with a special needs child takes on a completely different form/function than a home that doesn't have a child like Levi. It's all about safety, easy access, and easy clean up!

The furniture yanked out of the bedroom and stored all over the rest of the house.

Not a pretty floor. Makes the bright used to be cute green walls look very out of place. Should I repaint? Naw! The bright green is good camo for the booger art next to the bed.....

A vinyl bedroom floor. I don't think Martha Stewart will be calling me anytime soon.


  1. No, but your children will bless your name forever. Not for this floor - but for what it means.

  2. Along the lines of K's comment, this floor holds a beauty that Martha Stewart could NEVER match.

  3. Kristen, LOL! Yes, that I won't be losing my temper the next time I have to clean up an erruption! :D

    Anaise, Amen sista!

    Wabi, When I see model homes with everything all matchy matchy and everything in order and in its place I think how it would be so nice to have my home look like that, but while I am there, it feels like..... a model. Not a home. When you walk into Kristen's house, it feels like you've come home. It is warm, inviting, a place you can kick off your shoes and sit comfortably for hours in good conversation and contentment.

    When I see photos of your home Wabi, it reminds me much of the same. I'm glad we're a none of us "Martha's". :D

  4. Sometimes one has to do what is best...

  5. Anony, Even when it gets old...

  6. Am I crazy? Because I like it! I totally thought it was tile! I want to do that in all the rooms in my house! The easy clean up is worth the fashion sacrifice!

  7. I love it! I think it looks great.

  8. I love it too! And I know you will to when those times come.

    Where is the pic of you stuck to the floor with all that glue? ;)

  9. You can't beat practical in my book - practical buys happiness when it makes cleaning up quick and easy, give me function over form any day!

  10. Carrilyne, That was the look I was going for. I'd hoped it would look more like tile. I'm feeling better about it now that the furniture is back in the room and I found cute rug that has brown, pink, green, and white in it. Kind of pulls it all together surprisingly!

    Chastina, Thank you!!

    Nat, Now how was I supposed to take photos of myself stuck to the floor whilst I was stuck to the floor? :D

    Julie, Last night was the first night Levi and Miss K slept in the room. This morning, the first casualty. Levi had uncapped and ripped apart a bunch of markers. Wiped up just beautifully with a wet rag! Of course he had to go and get some on the new little throw rug I bought.... sigh..... not even 24 hours old! That boy!

  11. Well I think the floor looks good. I also think it looks good with the green walls and I bet when you get the furniture back in it will look just great and your sweet little man will love the new room. It will be much easier. I only have carpet in 2 places in my house the rest is either hardwood or slate tile and I LOVE LOVE both. So easy to clean any mess, which we have a lot of here in this house.

  12. Jody, Now that the furniture and throw rug are in, it does look better and I don't feel like I am putting Levi and Miss K into a utility closet. :D

    We've already had a mess and it was brilliant to clean up! Yay for easy messes.


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