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Friday, August 6, 2010

All in a days work.....

Now I'm gonna go and shower. A nice long cold one since the rain only washed off some of the dirt.


  1. Grief, woman!!!! What were you doing without me???

  2. I Love this!!! All I can do is laugh. :D Thanks!

  3. What on earth (or in earth?) were you up to?

  4. It looks like you've had a lot of fun!

  5. At least, you're still smiling.

    I saw you out there flexing your biceps with that shovel- very impressive, very impressive.

  6. Ok, seriously, you need to tell us what you were doing:)

  7. Awwwwww. You look sooo cute! Dirt has its way of making us smile no matter the cause. Hope you were making mud pies with the little ones.

  8. you were out there diggin' a hole without us weren't you??? admit it!! YOU WERE!!! i knew it. you were probably wearing heels too huh??? YOU WERE!!! lori - did you hear that? rachel was out diggin' holes!

  9. Misty--is THAT what she was doing? In heels? Wow--I feel so special now. So un-alone, all of a sudden. To know that there is this other crazy person on the other side of the United States who does fool things like that because A) she's too lazy to find her crocs B) who wants to tie tennis shoes and C) we just painted those pretty toenails! have to admire them!!---that's invigorating and inspiring. You Go Rachel!! :)

  10. LOL! Oh my gosh! You guys crack me up with your comments. How the heck am I supposed to respond because quite frankly. What I was doing was WAY borring compared to what you are all imagining up!

    Kristen- Bark. It's bite is harder than it's bark......

    Corine- Me too when I saw my face. I would lick my gritty lips and then have to spit in a non- lady-like fashion. Very attractive.

    Lori- Building a sandcastle? Oh wait. No beach. I'll get back to you on this one.

    Chastina- Not really. :D

    Natalie- Is it smiling or a grimace?

    Linda- Oh man! If I had a penny for how many times my mother would ask that same question!! ;)

    Jody- Awww, if only I had photos of a truck stuck in the mud to go with! :D

    Misty- Tattle tale! If I'd have told you, you'd have had all of the fun and done it for me!!! And all I'd have been able to do is just stand there in my heels and look good!!!

    Lori- Kindred spirits. That is what we are! Everytime I walk out my door in my trashy open toed shoes I am going to know that I do not stand alone dang it! I may be up to my eye balls in mud but I can still look good! Or at least my toes....... :D

  11. And for those of you who were worried because Rachel is digging holes all week and because some of the natives and I were missing, I wish to assure you that we are OK. We were at Scout Camp this past week and not lying down in holes three feet deep and three feet diameter below the recently modified flower garden, and Rachel has not gone off the deep end quite yet.


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