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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things.....

A son who works hard and has integrity and scrubs the shower when he's done washing all of that dirt off at the end of a muddy dirty day.

A son who plops down beside me when I'm sitting on the front porch.

Just because he wants to keep me company and because he is still at that age where he loves me and I don't have cooties yet like the girls at school and his younger sister.


  1. Holy cats, B - a man's feet. And M - those angel eyes.

  2. Those legs are either tan or VERY dirty. WOW! Glad he cleans up after himself.

  3. Awww Rach- oh the phases of life. Keep em small while you can! Time goes by too fast, dosen't it? I know if I was a child in your family I'd never wanna grow up. Hugs.

  4. I need B to come teach my boys a thing or two about cleaning up after themselves.
    You're a lucky lady to have those 2 wonderful guys around your house.

  5. Kristen- Yes, A man's feet carrying a man's worth of weight on his shoulders. He's a good boy, my Mr. B.

    Chastina- LOL! Both! Very tan and very dirty! He's learning he has to clean up after himself because his momma is too lazy to do it for him. ;)

    Jody- I know. Sigh. I honestly which I could. The grass is greener. Even in my house The Native's get to an age where they can't wait to leave. Can't wait to test their wings and I suppose this is a good thing. Just a little hard on momma's heart strings.

    Natalie- I am very lucky indeed! I have some others who haven't learned this 'art' yet and boy howdy! When did the twister come through??


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