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Monday, August 2, 2010

Garden Musings....

I've been outside weeding all day. It's been a messy job. All day in the hot sun with lots of time to think.

Not feeling well and letting gardens go for several years has made ideal circumstances for weeds to flourish. Two weeds in particular. Grass and bind weed. Hate em' both.

They both fascinate me though. As much as I hate them growing in my gardens and flower beds their root structure fascinates me. Especially grass. As I pull the weeds and the long white tubular root slowly pulls out of the ground, further down you will see a blade of grass start to disappear into the soil and then magically appear at the end of the root you just pulled out. The stuff is like a mess of wires connecting this way and that going in all directions. It made me think of family and the connections that run deep. Connections to ancestors that I've never met yet when I read about them, I feel immedietly bonded to them.

And then I thought about bind weed. How you can dig all you want but you'll never get the entire root and as the plant grows, it chokes what ever it has taken hold of. Usually, another healthy plant. I thought of bind weed and how it is a lot like gossip and even as strong as grass and it's root system can be, even bind weed can eventually take hold and choke it out killing it off......

And then I thought about how thirsty I was and that I'd not eaten lunch so I threw down my shovel and came in for a Cost-co chocolate muffin. My thought process is so sophisticated I amaze even myself.


  1. Deep Thoughts by Rachel Rubow...

    I loved everyone of them and especially that they ended with chocolate.

  2. Even when pulling weeds you can still come up with the best stuff…

    I am surprised that you decided to go for the chocolate muffin instead of a poppy seed. Poppyseed rocks!

  3. Natalie- It seems like all of my thoughts somehow begin or end with chocolate. That is what makes them so sophisticated! And rich!! :D

    Uncle Rush- I would have, but Levi got to it first and well, being the loving mother that I am, I sacrificed and let him have it and settled on the chocolate one......sigh...being a parent..the things we give up.

  4. Oh! Now I want a chocolate chocolate chip muffin!

    I agree with you about the roots of those weeds. Definitely something to look out for.

  5. Gossip is WORSE than weeds... far worse. I think it must be the nastiest habit ever in practice.

    I love what you said about connections that run deep with ancestors when you read about them and of how you immediately bond with them. I love that. Perhaps our descendants will feel the same way about us when they read our journals and blogs... :D ~ Kind of cool... huh?

  6. Jason - I love poppyseed, too.

    Rachel - ...back again :) You crack me up!I love your chocolate quote "That is what makes them so sophisticated! And rich!! :D."

    I too love chocolate... only, not in cake or icecream; it has to be the real deal for me. :)

  7. Once I gossiped about my friends in fifth grade. They started talking and then confronted me. I was so embarrassed! I cried and they forgave me. Gossip is as ugly and forgiveness is beautiful.

    I think that the Oreo Ice Cream is calling me.....

  8. Ya know, why do you have to be so dang plesant? When I pull weeds is usually goes something like this: Curse words bouncing around my head like bullets ricocheting across the inner surface of my brain, thoughts of ALL the other things I'd rather be doing...Swearing to myself that I'll NOT have this garden again next year and how stupid I really am for even having one in the first place..whining because my hands hurt and because the dirt is so compacted under my fingernails that no power washer in the world will remove such filth..and the list goes on. But NOOOOOO. You are plesant and insightful. I think I'll hire you to pull my weeds. Good, it's setteled.

  9. It's interesting to me how our LDS minds work. We're taught from the cradle to understand parable and symbol, and to read for truth everywhere. I noticed in myself way back in college, while I was taking the long, boring walk home, that everything I looked at, while I was just walking and musing, became a lesson for me in my head. I still do it. And you do it. Everything connects and teaches us, if we have eyes to see. And the love of of creator, and the fact of the plan - that runs deep under the ground, and it connects us, too. You and I wouldn't even know each other, except we have the same, very important root -

  10. Chastina- Those choc. chip muffins are fabulous aren't they? They make my world a happy place.

    Corine- I'm with ya! That and picking your nose in public. Just aint right!

    I do wonder somtimes what my descendants will think when they read about me. Cause for alarm if you ask me!

    As for chocolate. Do you remember back in the late 80's when hair mousse came in different scents that were like, lemon, strawberry, CHOCOLATE! Yup! I used to use the chocolate. I could sniff/eat that stuff in all forms all day.

    Melissa- I don't believe you! You are the kindest and most genuine person. You're right about forgiveness though. It is beautiful and I am grateful for it everyday since I am always asking for it!

    Jody- Actually, it is all an act. I made that whole thing up about roots to impress the readers. I didn't think they'd like a post with my true thoughts on the subject. ;) Am I fired from the job now?

    Kristen- It is so true. I can't remember ever not seeing the parable in things. I can't imagine what my life would be like if we didn't share that common important root, the gospel. I'd probably be living on the streets guarding my paper back with it's liquid contents......

  11. Wait... did you just say chocolate "chip" (to Chasta)? How did I miss the chocolate chips? Just plain old chocolate is blaa... but chocolate CHIP! Mmmmm :) Those muffins are divine!

  12. Corine, Heck yeah! If a recipe calls for nuts I just assume that was a type and add more chocolate chips! :D

  13. LOL - Again... you crack me up! :)

    Sounds like we have a difference of opinion over the nuts though.... (And I thought you had good taste!! :O) Don't you know that the nuts are even better than the chocolate chips? I could practically live on nothing but nuts fruits, vegetables, and of course, a side of chocolate garnished with peanut butter. (Or would that be peanut butter garnished with chocolate? hmmm.... :) I have a feeling we differ here, too! LOL ~ I'm usually alone on that one.

    TTFN! See ya when I get back on the computer again (I'm planning on take a few day break - I think).

  14. Corine- You are right. We differ big time!! :D Have fun on your break! Hope you get a chance to soak your feet in some water and take in the sun's rays.


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