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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Storm Watch

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Growing up I loved a good storm. When the thunder and lightning would crackle and boom. I'd sit and watch for the lightning and then count, waiting for the thunder. One one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand, four one thousand.....

It always seemed like it would take forever for the sound of the thunder after the lightning would split across the sky. We were taught to watch the sky and to count. Lightning far away is beautiful.

I loved running and dancing in the yard in the rain. My hair plastered to my back in dripping wet ringlets. I would scream and laugh as the thunder would roll across the skies.

One day, I was taking a nap and a summer storm passed through. I was awakened with a jolt as a huge boom of thunder shook the house. The house was dark, I was disoriented, and I couldn't hear any of my siblings or mother. I ran through the house in hysterics crying and looking for my mom. I was scared because the last memory I had had was of her outside putting the laundry on the clothes line. When I woke up, I'd not realized that time had lapsed and I thought my mom was still outside doing laundry in that storm.

Moments later I was consoled in my mother's lap. She was fine. It was just a really big boom! Nothing to be afraid of.

This past week and today we've had some fantastic thunder storms. Some have awakened us in the night with big crashes of thunder. This morning as I sit blogging, a flash of light and then with no time lapse, an ear splitting crash of thunder and then screaming and crying.

I race upstairs to console my baby girl. She has been awakened by the thunder. She is terrified. The house is dark. She is disoriented. She is shaking. I pull her into my lap and pull up the blinds so that she can see it is a new day. Everything is okay, and then we see the smoke start to rise above the trees. Everything is not okay. The smoke is too close. It is by neighbors. Loved ones.

I do what any idiotic person would do. I jump in my car with my camera and go and check. The emergency people hate people like me. We just get in the way. As I walk out the door, my baby girl says, "Let's hope no one is hurt".

With a sigh of relief after seeing that our neighbors are okay and that the lightning struck some trees in the yard, no one's home is burning to the ground... Another bullet is dodged.

Nature. It's beautiful. It's powerful. I'm grateful I was taught to love nature. To love a good storm. I don't run and play in a storm with the abandonment like I used to. I have to be the mom. I realize now that mother was never far away when we were frolicking in the storms. She was always on the porch watching the skies as I do now. So that my little ones can dance in the rain with abandonment not worrying and fearing and as the electrical storm gets closer, I bring the children inside to continue to watch the storm from the safety of our home. Like my mother did.


  1. this post is so comforting to me. the very real connection we have with our mothers. and their mother. and so on. safety. watchful mother.

    i am glad all is well.

  2. This one touched my heart. I'm glad I was able to be home and be there for you as you are for yours. Love, M.

  3. I also love storms, I love to run outside when the wind is blowing, waiting for the storm to arrive... Such a lovely post Rachel:) Thank you...

  4. Thanks for taking us on a small trip down memory road. Rain and storms sometimes create the best memories.

  5. What a beautiful description of the way I feel about a good thunderstorm. Thanks for helping me relive it again!

  6. I remember sitting in the front yard with my sister, in the rain, in our swimsuits, each of us on one side of an inner tube bouncing up and down as we felt the rain pouring down on us. It wasn't just once, it was a tradition. :) When it rained, we would run and put our suits on and go out in the rain (as long as there wasn't lightening nearby). Thanks for the memories! Corine :D

  7. Wonderful story, Rachel--love those momma's arms.

  8. Awesome post. I love storms and playing in the rain. I also love the saftey of mamma's arms! Even today. Both are magic.

  9. Misty- It's a blessing you know. Not everyone gets or has that. Growing up we don't realize what a blessing it is when we have it. We just assume that everyone has a mommy at home that cares for them.

    Mom- I am so very glad as well. Growing up I didn't reaize how blessed I was. Now I do. And I am grateful. :D

    Linda- Oh yes! The wind before a storm. Me too! And listening to the trees and the leaves as the wind moves through them rustling and whistling. Love that.

    Uncle Rush- I wonder if it is because there is so much released pent up emotions in a storm. As the storm unleashes itself if it were in a mild quiet manner it would go unnoticed. Even a quiet peaceful rain releases emotions.

    Chastina- It's been a good thunderstorm week.

    Corine- That sounds like something my sisters and I would do. Children. We're so universal! :)

    Lori- Thank you. Yes, Momma's arms. There is absolutely nothing that can take the place of them. I try with chocolate!!!! But even chocolate can't comfort like Momma's arms.

    Jody- Magic is a perfect way of describing.

  10. Guess who was outside during that boom? ME AND JESSIE. i was so freaked out that my legs didn't stop shaking until fifteen minutes afterwards... jeez.

  11. Hanna, I was inside and freaked out!! I can't imagine being out in it!! Crazy girls!


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