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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bragging Rights.

This is my oldest. He's a punk. He won't let me take video of him while he works with the horses. He won't even let me get a decent picture of him.

He's like his daddy in that regard. Doesn't want me to take photos of him or brag on him. Embarrasses him. Like I would embarrass somebody!

It's no secret I love horses and I think when I work with them I do okay. For the most part. I just have this small little hang up that keeps me from being really good at it. It's called emotions. Yeah! Go figure. A horse starts to act up and my mouth starts escalating like a siren and I'm giving the horse a what for!

"Don't you run over the top of me. You wanna see Alpha? I'll show you Alpha! You just signed a deal with the Devil donkey!"

I've said that before. True story. When you see a horse acting like a donkey and it hurts one of your kids, I tend to get a wee bit emotional. Just a tidge mind you.

Mr. B on the other hand. Corny though it may sound is a natural. A horse whisper if you will. A riled horse goes calm around him because Mr. B oozes calmness.

I love watching Mr. B train and ride horses. I could watch him for hours. He doesn't say much. He doesn't need to. The horses read his body language kinda like, duh, they do other horses. Unlike me who is very vocal. I can just see the horses in the paddock swishing their tails saying to each other, "What's that biddy yappin' bout today? Always yappin' that one."

Did you know you can dance with a horse? It's a beautiful dance when you have someone like Mr. B working with a horse. The eb and flow of their movements, working together. It's truly a beautiful thing to watch.

His hands. Watch his hands. So light always. Everything done with his body language, his eyes, and his legs when he's up in the saddle.

As I've watched Mr. B over the years working with horses I have come to a very solid conclusion. Mr. B is a lot like his daddy which means only one thing. He is going to make a great daddy someday.

I can tell, by the way he works with horses...


  1. The header. The look on - is that Finale? His face, looking down at her. This is the dream of my heart. She has in her arms the one thing I wanted with every cell in my small soul. She has it. She has it. I'm crying.

    And every word you wrote - both about yourself and B - true as gold. I've seen both. I love both.

    So there.

  2. Kristen- Yes, Finale. And I cry for a different heart aches....for Finale....and not for the finale. I have missed him so much this past week it hurts. To be able to stand in the pasture once again and just be with him.... You connect with a horse. Other horses are nice but when you connect with a horse.... you want to be with that one.....

    And I love you too.

  3. A good daddy he definitely will be. You can just tell and I've never seen him work with a horse.

    The header is beautiful...simply beautiful.

  4. Love the new header, Rachel--so sweet and tender.

    This is a great post, too. Don't you love watching your kids excel at something, particularly something like this, where eerything movement reveals a grace we weren't sure was there?

    It's revelatory.

  5. LOVE the new header!

    I agree with you. He has a good, gentle heart.

  6. mmmm, that is a wonderful wonderful post. i love mr. b. he knows how to be still and know. and when you are around him you can feel that stillness. there is such power in that. he will be a very very good daddy. and his wife and children will thank YOU for it. mama's get credit. seeing as how you got him here and all. ;)

  7. Awesome post. I have more of your tendencies. I once yelled at the absolutely TOP of my lungs at my horse: "Whoa your bloomin' a--" My mother gently suggested I watch my language when the WHOLE neighborhood could hear me.

  8. My twin boys are like your oldest... usually, :) The exception is when the second born is actually in the mood to pose!

    PS I had a crsh on a "cowboy" in the 4th grade. Enjoy those bragging rights! ;D

  9. I marvel most at the talents my kids have that I do not.

    What a wonderful gift your boy has--to radiate calm.

  10. Natalie- Then again, being the older brother to so many younger siblings I may have ruined him for life and he won't want kids! :D

    Lori- It really is and yes, I do love it! As The Native's grow and come into themselves it is such a blast watching their talents grow and seeing who they become. And even things they don't realize they are good at, and then they find out they are..... It's a neat process.

    Chastina- Makes me want to curl up with Miss K next to Finale and soak up some sun too!

    Misty- I dunno........that evil mother in law thing ya know! ;)

    Kathy- Thankfully living as far away from people as we did I didn't have that problem. The problem I had was getting caught by my mother! Which I did once, but because of the circumstances she walked back in the house and let that one slide.... My horse had gone lame and we were waiting for the vet to come and taker her and put her down. I was sitting with her when my dog for some strange reason decided to be an idiot and started barking at my horse. My horse tried getting away but was in a great deal of pain so I yelled some very unlady like things at my dog. It wasn't pretty, but then, niether was the situation.

    Corine- Your secret is safe with me. I had many a crush on cowboys growing up, I was surrounded by them. ;)

    Anaise- Especially when his mother is such a freakazoid! Calm is a good thing around here.

  11. Have you seen the documentary called "The Horse Boy"? I just watched it the other day. You should definitely check it out sometime.

    I love your header picture as well. So sweet.

  12. Tami- No, I haven't. I'll go and check it out. Thanks for the tip.

  13. Oh my gosh Tami!!! I just watched the trailer. This hits SO close to home because of Levi..... one of the horses I had to sell we were training to be a therapy horse for him. :) I can't wait to watch the rest of this movie.

  14. I thought you'd love it for both reasons.

  15. Tami- Watched it today on Netflix. Amazing story isn't it? I wanted to bawl several times and then at the end when you see the father and son riding side by side.... What we don't do for our kids eh? :D

  16. I know! I love stories like that. My favorite part was that the mother just kind of went along with her husband with total blind faith, believing in her husband's "crazy" idea.

    I'm glad you liked it.


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