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Friday, August 20, 2010

It's All About The Hair

I grew up with the misconception that men didn't care a lick about their hair. It was a girly thing to be vain about your hair. Then I got married.

In the church that I go to, once a month, there is a meeting that the women can go to to learn new skills, gab the evening away, swap recipes, run away from the house for a few hours....... It was at one of these meetings that I learned to cut hair! I was so excited to try my new skills on my husband. He was going to be so proud of me! We were newly married....... I was going to save us heaps of money..... anyone could cut hair, no problem! I'd just sat through a half hours worth of instruction on the trade.

I sat my sexy unsuspecting partner down in the kitchen, put a drape cape around his neck, and pulled out the clippers I'd just purchased informing The SM all the while that the money I'd spent on those clippers and supplies was going to save us down the road. He asked me if I knew what I was doing. No worries! I'd learned everything I needed to know in my homemaking skills class. Besides, he was a guy. Guys don't care about hair right?

Ten very short minutes later I was in my room in tears pulling the sheets over my head while The SM stood in front of the bathroom mirror asking me how in the world he was supposed to go out in public with the mess I'd made of his hair!

What did he care? He's a GUY! Guys don't care about their hair!!

Guess what? Guys do care about their hair. They are just as vain as we are ladies. The SM refused to take off his baseball cap for about two weeks after that episode....... and I vowed I'd never cut a head of hair again in my life!

This amusing memory came to my mind last week, as I sat for two hours cutting 7 heads of hair..... all boys..... all with an opinion of how their hair should look and would I cut it this way or that.......


  1. Haha! I've made many mistakes on the boys hair in my family. Luckily, it nothing a buzz cut can't fix.

  2. LOL! My mother cut my dads hair when they were just married and she forgot to put an extra attachment on the head of the clippers..... that's right a bald stripe right up the back of dads head!! He got his own back years later when mum asked him to prune the orange tree, he did and left only about 3 green leaves on it! That poor tree didn't fruit for about 10 years :-)

  3. I am sure your family appreciates your learned talent. I am sure they now like how you cut hair and it makes it easier for them NOT to have to go somewhere to get it done. Yeah!

  4. Oh! I feel the pain of that story.

    But I'm glad you persevered.

    And you're sure saving money now!

  5. Lyndee, Thank goodness for buzz cuts!

    Kathy, :D Michael in need of a hair cut?

    Baa-Me, Oh man! At least his hair grew back in a few weeks. LOL!

    Jody, I wish they would go somewhere else! :D

    Anaise, Yes, money saved but I hate cutting hair!! The Native's run around in need of a hair cut all of the time because I put it off as long as possible.

  6. I have a brother who uses an insane amount of gel and the better part of 10 minutes to make sure his hair is perfect, just to put a hat on it. Crazy.

    I started cutting Richard's soon after we were married too. I can't say we've had any situations as bad as yours, but I've had my share of nicks and getting it a little too short. Yours definitely makes for a better story.

  7. Natalie, That's what makes a story interesting isn't it? When an adventure happens during the journey? :D Which is why my life's journey is just one adventure after another!

    What is wrong with me???? :D

  8. LOL - I really enjoyed this! :D My life's journey is also filled with plenty of adventure. But you know what Hellen Keller says, "Life is either a great adventure, or nothing." ;D

  9. My husband has me cut his hair. He always says that if I mess it up to much he will just shave it all off.

  10. Yeah. When we were dating, G asked me to cut his hair. He said - "It's curly, don't worry about it. Just cut it like you're mowing the lawn." I was scared to do it, but when he said that, I was like, "Okay, then." So he sat down on a chair and we draped him, and then I picked up the scissors. And that brat hunched his shoulders and did this sucked in hiss and said, "This is scary." And that, my dears, should have taught me something. I did cut his hair for maybe two years after that, but he's had to do it himself for the next 28. I don't need another editor in my life.

    And I loved Jenni's story about the tree. Three leaves. I know exactly what she means.


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