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Friday, August 13, 2010

Mr. T is 15

This is Mr. T. Before he was born I was worried that I wouldn't be a very good mommy to him. I had Mr. B and wondered how in the world I could love another as much as I did my first. Then Mr. T came along and as all young and new mommies learn, the heart is an amazing thing. It grows and you love the next baby as much as you do the first. That was fifteen years ago.

He came to this world as a fighter. He needed to since 'that thing' which should have been nourishing him in my body wasn't doing it's part. He entered this world pretty tiny. He survived having crayons shoved up his tiny nose, into his ears, and in his mouth by his older brother weeks after he came home because older brother thought he was hungry. Older brother doted on baby brother.

Mr. T is a very bright being in our household. He radiates joy and laughter. You can't keep a straight face around him. He's brilliant, funny, smart, tender, passionate, and a hard worker.

He's having a party this evening. He wants a tye die party. He showed me his invite list. Local kids he hangs out with, and older elderly folks he loves. I don't know of too many teenagers who ask their elderly neighbors to come to their birthday party.... That's Mr. T to a 'T'. Happy, colorful, loving.


  1. Happy Birthday! Love the post!

  2. I know I've said it before, but you're kids are amazing!

  3. Phooey. I didn't get my invitation!!

  4. Love those photos! Hope the birthday party is great fun and Happy Birthday to Mr T :-)

  5. Happy Birthing Day to you, Rachel...

  6. Misty- They're growing up on us Misty! Not sure how that happens especially when we don't get older. ;)

    Lyndee- I kinda like em too and think they're amazing. I mean, look at their mother! Who'd have thought eh? Pretty amazing kids despite!!! their mother. :D

    Kristen- Umm, you're not HERE!!! Other wise, you know you'd be invited.

    Hanna- I will! And thank you!

    Baa-Me Knitts- It was a lot of fun. The weather was perfect, the group of kids young and old had a good time I think. Good food. Yup! I think he's happy.

    Uncle Rush- Thank was a miraculous day. One worth celebrating at least once a year. ;)

  7. I remember worrying about loving my second after loving my first so very, very much. Isn't it funny how love multiplies? Every new person to join our family just makes the love bigger and better.

    Happy belated Birthday to your boy!

  8. Happy (belated) Birthday to Mr. T! His mom must be pretty amazing for him to have turned out so well. :)

  9. WOW, he sounds simply awesome! What a kind spirit. I bet you are proud.

  10. It's beautiful to see your son have such an amazing relationship with his horse. Do visit my blog and see my little boys play with their ponies. I could never live without horses, my children and my horses are my life!

    Beautiful photos thank you for sharing.!

  11. Anaise, Exactly! After I had my second I didn't worry because I knew but when you have your first and then the second one comes along.... you can't imagine loving any of your other children as much. The heart is an amazing thing.

    Natasha, Naw! It's his dad that has the good qualities. ;)

    Jody, I am very proud of Mr. T. His spirit just bursts forth from him.

    Jeanene, Thanks for stopping by and the invite!

  12. Oh no! I missed your b-day! Happy late b-day! ;D


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