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Thursday, July 15, 2010


In one month it will be five years ago that I was bitten by a mosquito and my life (and subsequently my families life) would change dramatically.

Five years is an important number for West Nile Survivors. Five years means, it is what it is. Most recovery and healing takes place in that five years and where you are in five years is pretty much..... where you are. Or so I've been told....

I refuse to be a statistic. I refuse to follow the crowd. Where I am in five years isn't good enough. Sure! It's a lot better than where I was three years ago but it's still not good enough.

In about a month and a half the tri-athalon (click on tri-athalon) is coming up. If you've been following my blog for any amount of time (more than a year) than you will know that each year my family participates in a tri and I have so desperately wanted to join them.

Well, this year is my year! I raise my fist high up in the air and shout out! I will be in the tri and even if I come in dead last and have to walk instead of run or cross the finish line crawling on my hands and knees, I will do it! I will do it for all of us West Nile Survivor's. We are survivors. We are fighters. We WILL beat this!


  1. and i know you will. we all do.

    it is better to walk it...crawl it...than to have never tried.


    i think you need to design a t-shirt and let whoever wants to buy one and wear it on that day and take a picture and send it to you and then you can feel the power and love we have for you and all those who are fighting something. everyone is fighting something. you can show us how to fight harder. that is what you do rachel. you show us how to fight harder.

    i love you.

  2. Does dreaming of crossing the finish line count, cause that's as far as I'll get this year. You are amazing to have set this goal and even better, I know you'll achieve it.

  3. Woo HOO! I'll be cheering you on all the way, I hope you know it. You're brave and strong. Just don't do too much, but I'm sure my mom will make sure of that. :)

  4. YOU'RE SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! LUV YA!!!!!!!

  5. oh and how i wish i could be there when u cross the finish line. seriously!

  6. You can DO IT! I know you can because the Rachel I know tromps on obstacles in front of her-- be it WNV or a triathalon-- she will be victorious and I can't wait to hear all about it.

  7. Since when have you ever fit any statistic? Why start now? I have absolutely no desire of any kind to do such a race as that. Hate running. Rather dance. But I will do whatever it takes to get you across whatever finish line you decide on. Even if it means carrying you. Which would surely finish BOTH of us off. Could you do the race on horse back? Sophie might just do it for you.

  8. Misty, Your comment is a blog post in and of itself. So very true. Everyone has their fight and it is huge to them.

    Two of my sisters and my Dad made t-shirts that have the logo on my sidebar on them. I told them that I want one!!

    I love you tons Misty! I truly do!

    Lyndee, I do believe it does. I've been dreaming for five years. We start out with a dream and then we go from there.

    Ginna, :D You know she will! Your momma takes good care of me. She is such a blessing in my life. I don't know what I'd do without her.

    Hanna, YOU ARE TOOOOO!! I love ya too girlfriend!

    Anaise, Crossing fingers!

    Jody, You will be. In my heart. It is for you too that I run.

    Natalie, Thank you Natalie! You have more faith in me I think. :) It is friends like you that are behind me that keep pushing and helping me to fight.

    Kristen, I know...... I'm just an odd duck. Run/dance. They are both the same to me. I love them both and desire to do them both. And you already carry me. In so many ways.

    Sophie would do it yes, but I'd rather "Finale". :D Both animal and name. Nothing personal to Sophie of course....

    Uncle Rush, You said it!! I never knew how bad!!

  9. Aww, me luvs ya. You can do it. And I am glad u are doing it for me too cause I know I couldn't!!!!

  10. Jody, Yes you can! Because you are running your own tri everyday and crossing the finish line. Albeit out of breath!! :D But you cross the finish line and are such a great example to me.

  11. You go, Rachel! I'll be doing a fist pump for you.

    Jerk face mosquito. What does it know?

  12. Lori, It bites..... ;) Thanks Lori, I need all the encouragement I can get. Everytime I try to train for this thing I get shoved back onto the couch. Some days... it is hard to shake my fist at it and yell. Helps to know others are yelling for me.


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