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Monday, July 19, 2010

Old is New

This is called, "The square table". In our house growing up, when Mom would say, the square table, we all knew which one she meant. This table held all sorts of fascinating reading material. National Geographic magazines, great big huge picture books of all sorts of animals and birds, and a great big book full of Norman Rockwell paintings that I would look through for hours.

I loved this table. I'm not sure why. Sometimes I would take all of the books out of the bottom shelf and crawl in there and play. I liked dusting this table which if you know my dislike for dusting, is truly odd that I would enjoy dusting this table! This table and our piano. I liked dusting the piano too. Wish I still did...

Several years ago I inherited the square table and it has sat next to my recliner being the 'catch all'.

I decided that my house needed some color. A splash of color here, a splash of color there, and make it red please. I like red!

And I like my new square table. Spray paint. Embrace it!


  1. ooooh, red was indeed the most perfect color for that spot! It looks great. BTW- watch that mailbox of yours my dear!

  2. Yay!! It turned out very well - at least, so it seems at a distance. Did you get globs? Or were you patient? Certainly, it is bright and happy in the house. But best of all - you did something small to change your life. Isn't that cool?

  3. yes. i love it. just in case you were wondering if i would!

    i re-arranged our books on the book shelf. all red book together. all green together. just like ginna! i think she is contagious.

  4. LOVE the red! It is gorgeous. Love the new look, too--I've neglected to tell you how wonderful it looks.

  5. That's so cool! I wish I could spray paint our furniture...maybe a little hot pink in the living room...a little neon green in the kitchen.. lol oh yeah baby!! ^o^

  6. I like it. A nice improvement to our old "square table". Glad you did it. Enjoy! Love, M.

  7. Oooooohhhhhhhh!

    That looks great.

    I want a square table filled with National Geographic magazines and a Norman Rockwell art book, too.

    I think I shall make it a goal.

  8. Jody, :) I have to say the same to you!!! Watch YOUR mailbox.

    Red is indeed the perfect color. For many things. Shoes, finger/toe nails, tables..

    Kristen, Amazingly no drips or globs! I was most patient in applying the paint. A first for me. IT'S NOT HAIRSPRAY! :D

    It is fun to have a change. I'm looking around seeing what I can paint next! Too bad I can't spray paint myself.

    Misty, Ginna is a wonderful thing to 'catch'. Such fun things she comes up with.

    Lori, Thank you! I've been looking for cute baskets to put on the shelf to hold all of my junk! Because I sit by this table it seems to be my catch-all table. Not pretty when people walk in my front door and that is one of the first things they see. Finding the perfect baskets is actually proving to be harder than I thought! I'm actually going to have to look some where else besides Wal-Mart!!! :D

    Emma, Don't let your mom read your comment!! :D LOL!

    Mom, I'm glad you like it. I have decided that there was something quite wonderful about the 'old'. It didn't show the dust......the red does horribly...... Wishing I still liked to dust like I did when I was little........

    Anaise, It was a magical table. The magazines and books that it held took me to worlds that I didn't know existed. I didn't have a tv so those books in a sense were my tv and window to the outside world.

  9. It looks great! I just refinished an old dresser and I'm definitely going to use spray paint next time.

  10. Melissa, Spray paint is awesome! Quick and mostly painless. You do need to wipe it with something like steel wool in between coats but it's not bad at all.

  11. Hooray! I love the way spray painted stuff looks! And it's just so nice to look at that spot of color, isn't it? So satisfying to the eyes?

  12. Ginna, I do! The only problem is when it was ugly brown...the dust had to get really bad before I needed to dust it. With the red........OY! That part isn't so good. ;)

  13. Hmmm. I've got a can of red spray paint in the garage. I wonder what I've got that should be red?

  14. Kathy, I've got more! I'll help ya!


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