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Friday, July 9, 2010


Photo Credit

Photo Credit

I love Kikoys. Always have. I love color. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era. The thing I love about Kikoys is how versatile they are. When I learned how to wrap my baby in a Kikoy and carry them on me I threw away the popular baby packs of the day. Carrying my babies on me felt natural. How it should be and so my babies lived on me for well over a year of their lives.

Now I see a lot of mommies walking around with their babies in Kikoys and I can't help but give a huge shout out! Yes!! I am so glad that more mommies are realizing the benefit of having their babies up close next to them.

A few weeks ago while walking in the local Farmer's Market I came across a booth run by some college students from Africa. Can young men be called adorable? Because they were! I hopped in their booth like a scone is drawn to oil. I was bathing in their excitement to show me their Kikoys and loving every minute of it.

They produced a full length mirror and proceeded to play dress up with me for about five minutes. Man was I disappointed when I had to tell them I didn't have any money with me at that time (who in the world goes to the Farmer's Market without cash??? I did have cash......I'd spent it already at the tye die lady's booth.......). I told these young men who I wanted to pack up and bring home with me that I'd be back the next week and I wanted THAT ONE! The brightest Kikoy they had!

The following week arrived and back I headed to the Farmer's Market with one booth in mind to hit. Well, the Kikoy booth and the artisan bread booth.... I'm a sucker for fresh bread and when it has oranges and cranberries in it......well....

As I walked up to the booth with the Kikoys the young men's eyes lit up. I told them, "I told you I'd be back"! High fives around and I grabbed the Kikoy I'd seen the week before. It was still there. Phew! The young man who'd been playing dress up with me the week before took a look at the sarong I had worn to the Farmer's Market (see? Told ya I love Kikoys/sarongs) and asked me if I'd take it off and wear his as advertising.

I busted up laughing and told him, "I can't! I don't have anything on underneath!" By the look on his face and his reply I realized my mistake. "I mean, I have on UNDERWEAR! But you don't have a dressing room!"

You have to meet these young men. I'm sorry but adorable just fits! I couldn't disappoint! I turned on my heel grabbed Kristen and her daughter Chazi and told them we were going to make a make shift dressing room right there. I snatched up two more Kikoys (told ya they are versatile) and had them hold them like a shower curtain around me. I proceeded to disrobe and put on my new Kikoy.

I turned to the ADORABLE young men and thanked them for my new Kikoy and flounced out of their booth.

Umm, mom. I know you read this......I promise! I did it with all the dignity I could muster. You'd have been proud. I did it in as lady like fashion as the circumstances allowed. I'd show you pictures to prove it but then I would have been standing there in public indecent because Kristen's hands were full keeping me covered instead of taking pictures like she so desperately wanted to. And believe me, she made certain no one was going to see a sliver of my skin because at one point I had to ask her to ease up a bit because I needed a little room to move in!

Do me a favor! If you live in the area, go and buy a Kikoy from these young men. Tell them the lady (that's stretching it a bit isn't it) who undressed in their booth sent ya. They are twenty bucks. It's worth it.


  1. Where is the picture of you wearing the sarong? ;)

  2. Why don't we have a picture of you in your new sarong?

  3. Wait, isn't this considered indecent exposure? Are we vicariously involved now because we read your post?


  4. I know just the booths you are referring to. I might just have to follow you up on the advertising. Makes me want to walk those sidewalks and support small business owners. It IS so much fun!

  5. I'm proud of you, dear. Love, M.

  6. Chastina and Sarah, I'll wear it tomorrow to the Farmer's Market so I can do more advertising. ;) I'll have Kristen take some photos then. :D

    Uncle Rush, BUSTED! Guilty by association. Ask Matthew what that means. He can now tell you exactly what that means and what the consequences are. ;)

    Lyndee, Oh do go! Maybe I'll see you there. That is the problem with the Farmer's Market though. You want to support and give to them all. If only we had more money eh?

    Mom, I knew you would be!! And I knew if you'd have been there you'd have been laughing right along with us....while shaking your head...... I do try. I promise!! I'm like Maria in, "The Sound of Music". :D My halo is on crooked.

  7. Rachel's Mom, I want you to know that there is a bathroom not 50 yards away from the booth and she could have walked over to the bath room to change. I don't know what kind of a girl you've raised.

    What time are we going to the market? I'm hoping my bowl is ready.

    Did the adorable boys ask about your lovely friend who was with you the first time you visted???

  8. Kathy!! I told you, I do NOT do public bathrooms. Shudder..... I'd rather squat behind a bush or dress in public than enter one of those things.

    Kirsten has horse lessons at nine so anytime after that.

    No, I'm sorry. The adorable boys didn't. I think they were too in shock with what was going on to think of much else. ;) You can remind them of yourself tomorrow. Perhaps you'd like to make a big impression on them as well? I'll hold some sarongs up for you to dress in. :D

  9. I want to see a picture of you in your sarong!!!

  10. Dear Rachel,
    I think, after reading this, I need to go out and buy a sarong! They are wonderful, and so beautiful:)
    Take care

  11. Hanna, It's coming!!! Took some today. I'll post them on Monday.

    Hi Linda! They really are. I just love them. There are a gazillion uses for them and ways to wear them. The colors alone are fabulous. :D

    Have a great day!!

  12. Rachel You're an amazing woman! To take the time to write about us and our booth, we truly are privileged to have such a loyal customer. We hope to see you every week, even if you're simply passing by to say hi. I read through some of the comments you posted, I don't think you were born in the wrong era (otherwise you might not have met us) however I believe there's a possibility you were born with the wrong skin color. You wear your Kikoy with pride and glamour(correct British spelling) and I simply have to say it can't be outdone, naturally it leads me to believe you either were meant to be African or there's a hint of it in your family tree somewhere! Of course I can't leave a comment without commenting on how youthful, energetic and beautiful you look in your Kikoy! We hope you enjoy the new one you got!

    Chris Chileshe - One of the "Adorable" Young Men

  13. Chris, Yay! You commented! :D It is you "Adorable young men" who are amazing. What you are doing, the lives you are living, the path you are creating for future African's. Be proud!

    Even if I'm not African I can be adopted right? :D You never know! Somewhere back in the bloodlines......

    I'm so glad you reminded me that they are Kikoys! I will go back and change my blog title. I couldn't for the life of me remember what they were called. Kikoy!

    I am wearing my new Kikoy today in fact and loving it!

    I do look forward each week to seeing you "Adorable Young Men". :D For what ever reason, I feel a kinship with you.

    Have a blessed day Chris and thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment!! See you on Saturday!!

  14. Well now. I think I bought one BEFORE you did - actually Guy bought one before you did - and neither one of us shed our clothes right on the spot to actually WEAR it. I hope your mother knows how I hover over you and try to keep you out of trouble. And they ARE adorable, and our pictures will show. I have pictures of Rachel wearing the thing that very day, and we've taken more since. So be patient. I have dishes to do, ya know -

  15. (I'm gonna try this again) I LIVE them too. They are sooo comfey. I don't get the chance to wrap babies up in em', but we got ome when we were married in Fiji and I wear them all the time around the house in the summer. I wish I could wear them everyday. U R lucky to be able to get them so close to home. I've never seen them around my parts.

  16. Jody, I have a bunch as well that I have gotten from around the world. In the past I've worn them in the summer but now I'm learning to wear them in the winter as well. Love em! Love em! Love em! They make great scarves and head cover too.

  17. Rachel,

    I'm Starting to think we need to offer you a position as our marketing Guru for Kikoys!!! I can't believe how supportive you are.

    Thanks Again!

    Chris - Kikoy Vendor

  18. Kristen, Dishes! Like those ever stopped you from doing things. :D Yes, Guy did buy you a Kikoy. But only because I'd spent my cash that day already.

    I can't wait to see the photos and my mom knows that you take very good care of me. Believe you me! She has mentioned how relieved she is that she knows you are here for me when she is so far away. I am well taken care of.

    Chris, You are most welcome! Just an idea.....have you thought of selling Kikoys on the internet? A huge seller is showing photos of all the different ways to wear/use a Kikoy. The gal that was at your booth on Saturday is just stunning! Beautiful girl. Get someone to take photos of her showing the different ways to wear a Kikoy and get them on the web!!

  19. We are trying to get our website up and running, right now funding is an issue. If you know of anyone who might be able to help us out, that might be great. We do have a video on our facebook page of the different ways to wear the Kikoy, she's in it. Search Mtindo Design on Facebook and you'll find us.

  20. Chris, OY! Funding....oh that we all had more money to help and do that which brings about good.

    I'll go and look on FB. Good to know!

    What about a blog?...They're free. So are places like etsy.

  21. Chris, I'm lame. Can't find you on FB. Send me an invite. I'm Rachel Recht Rubow on FB

  22. Hey Rachel,

    I added you, I also made a mistake the facebook page name is Mtindo Designs. Let me know what you think of the video and please keep the feedback coming. It's more valuable than you can imagine!!!!

  23. How fun! I need a big old refresher lesson from you on how to carry babies in those things. I still have the sling you gave me, but I wasn't very good at using it.

    I would've liked to have been there for the disrobing. Sounds pretty hilarious to me!

  24. Chris, Saw it. It's good. I REALLY like the ending!! Well done. How the Kikoys are made and the message.

    Ginna, I wish you'd have been there too!! Miss you! But SOO excited for you and your good news which I already knew but now I can SHOUT OUT!! :D I would LOVE to show you how to wrap your baby. I hope to be able to do it in person eh? :D


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