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Thursday, July 8, 2010


Photo by Backroads Photography

When I was growing up I loved parades. I looked forward every year to the 4th of July parade that took place in the town fifteen minutes away. It was represented by the entire Bitterroot Valley. There were a lot of horses, old cars, fire engines that carried the local football teams, floats that were homemade in people's back yards, the men dressed up in old military uniforms and all of the cool old military vehicles and tanks, and my favorite of all........lots of candy throwing. Everyone in the parade threw candy! Bringing up the rear of the parade, the grand finales of all grand finales was an old fire truck that sprayed candy forth like water from it's hose.

I looked forward to it every year.

As an adult I still go to parades. I take The Native's. There isn't any candy throwing anymore. There are too many vehicles in parades now so they are worried about children getting hurt running out to get the candy.

Favorite icons like Cosmo would run up and down the parade route giving the kids hi fives. Now he just stands on top of a truck and dances.

The local both college and high school football teams used to ride in the parade. They didn't this year.

Instead this year, there were a lot of trucks with big billboards in the back of them advertising the local car dealership where you could purchase one of these trucks.

There was A LOT of advertising in the parade this year. One float in particular turned my stomach. I'm going to have nightmares for weeks and quite frankly, if I was the girl sitting in front of me that was accosted by one of the freaks that was with the float, I'd have turned the guy in right then and there for inappropriate behavior........just sayin....

What is the 4th of July. What exactly is it we are celebrating?

The saddest part of the parade to me this year....... when the flags and military figures would go by..... no one stood and waved and clapped and put their hands over their hearts.

We live in a free country. People are free to sit on their bahooties! But I'm not one of those. I was raised that this free country we live in was paid for at a huge cost and is still kept free to this day at a huge price. The cost of the ultimate sacrifice. Which so many have given!

So as the military vehicles drove past with veterans from wars in our past, and young men fighting today I shouted and waved myself hoarse because I! Am proud to be an American. And I! Am proud of my country. I! Love our flag. Long may it wave. And I hope and pray that I never, nor my children, take it for granted.

End Note: I shouldn't have said 'no one'. That is a rather broad term. I meant all of the people around us that weren't in our group that I could see.


  1. I saw you wavin and clappin your hands off- I was doin that with my cousins!

  2. Curses…I should have cheered louder.

    I think you make a good point though. A very good one. What is is that we're really celebrating? Sometimes I think we can get lost in seeing fireworks, listening to performers, and buying food and various knick knacks at the Freedom Festivals.

    Thanks for a reminder.

  3. yes, thank you for this post rach - very very important to remember!!!!

  4. Can we sit next to your family next year? It's much better sitting by enthusiastic Americans that still get it than those who toss funny looks for doing something out of the norm, like cheering and clapping.

    By the way, Lehi has a great commercial-free parade, tons of floats, bands and LOTS of candy.

  5. Hanna, Awesome! Next year we'll have to sit by each other so we can be crazy together.

    Uncle Rush, I shouldn't have said no one. I added an end note. Too broad of a term as you were clapping too. As you know, we were located around a huge group of duds...and I am saying that nicely. But boy did you miss out on a 'show' after you left!!!

    There's a reason we are called, Land of the brave, home of the free. I like the new saying I've seen around. Land of the free, because of the brave....

    Misty, I love the country song, "Have We Forgotten". It can be applied to recent events and not so recent events clear back to the revolutionary war.

    Melissa, You're on! Next year baby! We're all sitting together!

    I had heard that the Lehi parade is a good one. I'm assuming we missed it this year? We'll have to watch it next year!

  6. Well said! I think the nick name "4th of July" is lousy. I TRY to say (but sometimes forget... thus the 'try') "Happy Independence Day!" as a little reminder of what it is we are actually celebrating!!! I love this country. I love the good that made this country possible, and all the good that is still in it. I LOVE AMERICA... AND FREEDOM! :D

    ... hope your Independence Day was great!

    Corine :D

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  8. I'm glad I didn't make the effort to go then. Don't worry, with Shem in my family, we've got enough patriotism to go around for all those duds. Which reminds me...the military magician got cut from America's Got Talent. Guess who said, "I'm NEVER watching this show again!" and proceeded to sob for the next 10 minutes....resulting in my husband to cry as well. Not, it wasn't me. Yep--that Shemmer. We love him!

  9. It amazes me how many people don't at least stand and place their hands over their hearts. What a little thing to show that we appreciate our freedoms.

  10. Chastina, It is actually something that really bothers me. When I'm at ball games or other places. Gets my ol' feathers ruffled a bit!!

  11. At the beginning of the parade route everyone was standing and cheering as we walked by. I wonder what the difference was.

  12. Kathy, I've no idea. I do know, the group that was by us would be a good poster for a bunch of red necks. I was unimpressed. Before the parade even started there was a fight that broke out with words and at one point one of the girls got mad and threw the bucket she was sitting on and it hit Jadon! I thought, "Good grief people! We're at a parade and we're CELEBRATING!!!"

  13. I love parades. Our lil town of 900 had a big fest during the 4th and Ron took his 4wheeler and garden trailer and decorated it with balloons and drove it in the parade with 2 of the nieces in the back darting candy at innocient child-like patrons. Then his best friend drove Ron's semi tractor in the parade with his 2 year old son, and he would not quit blowing the horn. They had so much fun. Your son looks so handsome in that picture.

  14. Jody, That's the kind of parade I'm talkin' 'bout!! Sounds perfect. Good for Ron for getting in on the fun.

  15. This was actually the worst city parade I've seen in decades. Boring. A few good things and a few fun bands. Only about three horses. It was just kind of weird. Lots of huge open spots where, I guess, the old wonderful things should have been. We did see people stand - but not many of them. Glad we walked it instead of sitting for hours in the sun!

  16. Kristen, It really was! My sentiments exactly!! So disappointing.

  17. You wrote the blog post I didn't.

    I'm glad it just wasn't me. I love Independance Day parades. My favorite part being how everyone stands to put their left hand over their heart when the flag is walked down the street at the BEGINNING of the parade, NOT the middle like this year. I always get teary and if we miss it I always say we can leave after we have stood and clapped for the veterans. Yes, I was disappointed with the parade this year, but even more so with those around me who did not stand to show respect for the emblem of our country's freedom and those who served valiantly to keep it that way.

    Thanks for letting me vent in your comments section. You're awesome like that...

  18. Okay.... I am sick and a little out of my head.... So please know that I really do know which hand goes over your heart and what side of your body your heart is on for heaven's sake.... I am a nurse for crying out loud! So please read my above comment like I meant it to read.


  19. LOL! Natalie! I know what you meant/mean. It is nice to know I am not the only one who was miffed. To me, the parade is the flag and veterans going by and the fly by. As far as I'm concerned, I could leave after that as well.


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