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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Should I? Should I not.......

It's that time again. The getting very old (literally-which is why I am in this predicament in the first place) decision that needs to be made. The shimmery roots are showing and it is that time when I grind my teeth and just wish that people were allowed to grow old gracefully.

Should I cover up the grey......should I not.......

Honestly, I hate the grey but it is what it is! But I also hate the whole having to set time aside and color it process. I have absolutely no problem what so ever setting aside time to say, get a pedicure! But to get my hair colored!

I keep telling The SM that when I turn 40 that is it! I am done. I have earned the right to not have to color my hair anymore. Well, I'm almost 40..... which is a whole nether blog in and of itself. 40! Are you kidding me? I can remember when 40 was OLD! Only, now it doesn't seem so old excepting I can't possibly be almost 40 because I don't 'feel' 40........ inside at least.....

I see photos of myself and I always ask The SM, "Is that really what I look like??" OH GROSS! So sorry for him and that he has to see that everyday. When did THAT happen? Seriously, I am shocked when I walk by a mirror or see a photo. I don't recognize myself because it isn't who I feel like I look like...... does that make any sense what so ever?

And how did I digress from the original topic? Must be old age...... The question: Am I ready to let my true colors shine?


  1. You asked for an opinoin, here's mine.
    #1 Yes, Yes, Yes! Color your hair. How you feel about how you look is important to your overall health. To save money buy a good over the counter one and have Brian do it. It does not take that long to do. I just switched from professional coloring to this method and it is like $90 cheaper (but only because I have way too much hair and I guess that is a premium for hairstylists). Plus I like having an extra reason to have the hubby's hands in my hair.

    #2 Rachel is my friend. Whoever this is you had better stop talking about her like this or I will take you outside and beat you. She is beautiful for "pushing 40" and I will bring you thousands of "20-something's" that could only dream of looking as good as Rachel does at "40".

    #3 I bet the grocery money that the SM adores you and will never trade you in. (I actually bet more then the grocery money but we eat alot here).

    worry about being grey when you are 70.

  2. Jodi,
    Thanks. Could not agree more. I already do her hair, loving doing it, and I think I do a better job then when she went to the salon.

    As your devoted husband and ogre, I give you two choices.
    #1 Let me continue to doo your hair.
    #2 Let me continue to doo your hair
    So tonight I expect you to sit down, shut up and take your medicine like the quiet, submissive, passive, and agreeable wife that you always are.

  3. Definitely color it! Trust me.

  4. Listen to your husband; he's a very smart man!

  5. I understand, Rachel - Every time I get my hair cut at the salon my stylist (who is also a favorite cousin) asks if I am ready to let her color my hair yet. She's dying to do it because the gray is coming through more and more each visit. But I want to just be me and love what God made me... and I also want to hide the gray and maybe even go for a slightly darker or lighter shade, just for fun.

    Okay, I could seriously write my own blog post about this. I almost went into a big diatribe about it but I'll withhold my thoughts. Maybe this would be a good discussion topic when you, Natalie and I go out for something chocolate? (Have I ever suggested that? Or just thought it?)

    Bottom line: You do what makes you feel happy and at your best. I can guarantee you that you will be beautiful either way.

  6. Jody, LOL! The SM does do my hair for me. And I do like it after it is's just taking the time to sit and do it.....lame.... I know. It's that whole hair category. I just hate messing with it.

    Brian, Licking and chewing...being very submissive.... Do I get a treat if I'm good?

    Tami, Sigh....If I must.....

    Korrie, Hey! Who's side are you on anyway? ;)

    Gerb, Vent away lady! Vent away!!! You know, it wouldn't be so bad if it were coming in evenly all over but instead it is coming in one big patch at the top of my head and since I started at the wee young age of 17 or 18 it is quite thick now in that one spot. If I were just now going grey....I wouldn't bother with coloring.

    I love that you voiced your thoughts because I hear them loud and clear. Yes indeed! Going out for chocolate is a must!

    I could just hug you for that last bit you said. Coloring it does make me feel better. I'm just lazy is all. WIGS! I need a wig! That. Is the answer.

  7. Do what makes you happy and what will make you feel good. Period.

    Forty-smorty. It's the new 30 anyways, right?

    Thanks for coming by for crepes and chatting today. I think I was "fed" more than you were.

  8. Color. And then color some more. Do something wild and choose a different color every now and then, just to mix things up. Get crazy with it. Have FUN.

    And fuggetabout that pesky gray.

  9. First of all, SIXTY is the new thirty, thank you very much. Second of all, you know what Guy would say. Me? I'm with Nat. YOu could always ask Chaz's opinion.

  10. I haven't started coloring my hair yet, but I found another gray. I'm just avoiding starting, cause I don't know if I have the energy to maintain it. But my advice, dye it purple.

  11. Nice and Easy has been my very good friend for a very long time.

    When I turned 40 I went red. When I turned 50 (which was extreeeeemly recently) I went purple -- but that was an accident. I actually prefer my natural hair color--blond.

    Gray is not a natural thing for me.

  12. You could always pull a Britney Spears and just shave it all off…

    You could buy a plethora of wigs which you would never have to wash her color. In fact, if you got yourself a set of adult diapers… well you can figure out how much easier that would make your life, too.

  13. Hanna, If only I had your hair.....sigh....

    Natalie, What makes me happy in the long run is not necessarily what makes me happy at the moment. :D I don't like my hair grey, but I don't like the process of dying it though either....but when it is done, I like it! And wonder what all of the tantrums were for...

    Thank YOU for the crepes. You made my day and thanks for chatting with me. Made my day way better and Matthew's too since his idol bailed on him!! :D

    Lori, Cut it real short and then color the spikes!! Midlife crisis? Why not??

    Kristen, Yes, I know what Guy would say and I know what you would say and Chaz would say color it black with a red streak. I kinda like Chaz's idea!

    Lyndee, If I were just starting now I wouldn't bother either but the whole top of my head is covered!!! Purple? Naw. BLUE!!! Yeah! I could do blue!

    Kathy, Have you thought of green? Anne of Green Gables type look? :)

    Uncle Rush, Oh my gosh I am spouting tears I am laughing so hard! I'm all for wigs. Seriously! You've no idea how many times I've wanted to just say, "the heck with hair" and get a wig!! As for the diapers, I could have used one of those the other night. :) Heck! I could wear Levi's diapers when I'm 'running' the next time.

    Too dang funny!

  14. You should color it. Though, they manage to grow back up pretty soon. So, I don't see much of any result that way.
    I do agree with Teachin about wigs. They always work, don't they?

  15. Mr. S, In most circumstances yes. I would think not on a windy day or if I went swimming.... Worth experimenting with I would think!

  16. So, what's the new 70? (Make me feel good . . . ) Love, M.

  17. It means when you are in your 70's you are the same as when your mom was in her 30's. You're 30 mom!!! :D Do you feel great?


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