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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Quilting Bee

Before the days of cell phones, the internet, and every electronic gadget that has us so disconnected now a days, women would get together and sit around a quilt. A quilt that was put on quilting frames with chairs all around. Conversation flew back and forth as quickly as the thread and needles were passed through the front and back of the quilt making a design much like the stories told between the women.

As a child, I would sit under the quilting frame with the children of the other mothers and we would play. Like the tent blog post that I posted the other day, sitting under a quilt on the quilting frames was magical. If you lay on your back you could watch the needle as it came through the back of the quilt and then back up again followed by the thread.

The different colored fabrics as the light shone through looked like a kaleidoscope and changed each time you moved your head.

As I sit here quietly by myself around my frame, my children playing underneath, I can't help but miss those times.......when people seemed to be more connected. And yet, there are so many of you out there that I would never have met if not for the internet. Like this quilt, so many different colorful fabrics all connected with a common thread.......spreading warmth to each other across the many miles and even different countries.

A different kind of quilting bee....


  1. Your quilt is beautiful!
    The internet is good, but not as good as face-to-face conversation. Hoping I'll see you in person in August!

  2. Beautiful quilt! I loved those tents too.

  3. Korrie, Thank you! Yes, face to face is better. I think in our parents era they had less 'friends' but the relationships they had were more meaningful. More in depth.

    For sure I will see you in August!! Can't wait.

    Chastina, Thank you. This quilt has been in the making for too many years. I needed to get it up on the frame and just get it finished!! I'm hoping that because it is taking up my entire front room....that will give me incentive to finish it up quick!

  4. Very profound comments, especially the last one. Much love, M.

  5. I would come quilt with you anytime! I also miss those slower days... but, like you said, we would probably not know each other if not for the internet.

  6. Not a quilter myself, but I do have to say that the tumbling blocks pattern is one I've always liked the look of.

  7. Rachel, if you ever decide to set up a quilting bee, please, please, please invite me!! I love to quilt. I love to visit. And, I promise you can talk trash about any school topic you want and I won't tell a soul!

  8. Ok, one more question: Do you still live in MT? If so, which part?

    Beautiful quilt, btw!

  9. Wow! That quilt is beautiful. I hope that one day I can throw out all my preconceived notions and stop being afraid...and just allow myself to be creative. But for today, I will look at your amazing quilts and remain in awe.

  10. That is such an unique look. I just love it. An your analogy just as special. Thanks for reaching out yesterday. Your call was just in time. Hugs.

  11. Nothing like chatting while accomplishing a work of art.
    If you ever do one, invite and educate me, please?

  12. That is a very beautiful quilt... :)

  13. Wait - how many of these have I missed? And when did you make a new quilt? Oh, wait. I remember. I remember. Oh, shoot. I've got to go to bed. I have no such memories. No woman in my family ever, in the days of my youth, ever did anything so cool.

  14. What a gorgeous quilt. And it's true, this internet is a while nother kind of quilting bee, and I'm so grateful for it!

  15. Mom, It's an ever changing world. Sometimes I like it, and sometimes I don't. I feel like I go kicking and screaming along half the time.

    Gerb, Exactly! And I have loved getting to know you. I would love to get to know you even better over a quilt! :) Any time you want to pull up a chair around a quilt with me, please do so!

    Uncle Rush, It is a cool pattern and I love the scrappy look of this one. I love grabbing pieces of fabric and throwing them together with no idea how it is going to turn out and seeing what the end product is.

    Tami, I would NEVER think of trash talking school topics. Would NEVER cross my mind. :D Absolutely on the invite. As I commented to Gerb, anytime you want to pull up a chair, feel free. I've taken such a long break from quilting and am looking forward to getting back to it so hopefully some quilting bees will be in the future. Crossing fingers.....

    Natasha, I do not sadly. I miss it very much.

    Lyndee, Don't be afraid of quilting. If I can, anyone can. I can't sew worth a darned but quilting is just straight lines. THAT I can do. :D

    Jody, I loved chatting with you too and am thinking of and praying for you and the new adventures ahead of you. If it weren't for the internet, I would't have the bond I have with you!!! So, it's been a very good thing indeed.

    Natalie, Yes!! And Yes!! I have a quilt that my mother and grandmother quilted together. I just love that both women that I love stitched it. Like all the different fabrics that make up a quilt, it is fun having all the different people stitching up and making the quilt.

    Hanna, Thank you!! Quite girly isn't it!

    Kristen, So, it is time to make new memories! I do think with the responses from this post that a quilting bee is in order and a chair for you set up around the frame as well.

    Ginna, I know! How else would we keep in touch with you in such great detail? With your blog it feels like you are just down the street.

  16. Lovely. I'm so grateful for the connections.

  17. Kathy, Me too! I've met some really neat people over the internet and have made friendships that I hope will last a lifetime.


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