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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Is it just me or.......

Have you ever had days where you wake up ticked for no reason and you feel like smacking somebody and are just begging someone to say or do something so you can punch them one and you walk by the mirror and are disgusted by what you see because no matter how hard you work and watch what you eat you still have major revoltage looking back at you and your hair always thinks it is Monday and no matter how nice people are to you because they are tiptoeing on egg shells around you you still get irritated at what they say and you have friends who blog about dipping their feet in the ocean and sitting on the beach and you realize that the summer is almost over and you've not done a dang thing that is fun as a family and you go to feed your dogs only to realize that no one cared to mention that you are out of dog food and you suggest the dogs put signs around their necks and go and beg for food on the street corner because you're tired of them not pulling their weight around your house and after you get out of the shower you stand in front of your closet and then go to your dresser and then back to your closet and then back to your dresser because you can't find anything that fits your tonnage and no amount of shellacking and mortaring your face with makeup can cover up the hideousness that stares back at you?

And who came up with waking up on the wrong side of the bed anyway? What is that supposed to mean? Does a person somehow in their sleep end up between the mattresses or the mattresses flip in the night because last time I looked, there wasn't a tag on my mattress that said, "wrong side". Maybe it got ripped off, one of those federal offenses if it gets ripped or cut off sort of tags and if that is the case then it is no wonder that you unknowingly wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

Do you? Does this sound familiar to you? Really? Wow! Bummer for you. I've never felt this way........ I was just curious is all.......


  1. "Your clothes never wear as well the next day,
    And your hair never falls in quite the same way-
    But you never seem to run out of things to say… "

    For some reason, as I read your post I thought of these words and tried to think of what I'd say if we were standing together in the same room. It was at this moment that I decided to give you your own 'greatest hits' of things I'd say/share with you.

    I hope it makes you grin, throw off you sadness and inhibitions, eat something that is bad for you, and head outside to close your eyes and feel the world upon your skin...

    And also:

  2. Um,,,,er. You caught me. See I did not think you would care. I have your "wrong side" tag. I took it soon after you bought the mattress. See I did not think you would care nor did I think you would miss it but I guess I was wrong. So if you want it back I will gladly mail it to you promptly. Glad I live here right now. You seem a bit grumpy. Do I get some points for coming clean?

  3. Uncle Rush, You. My dear friend. Are pure awesomeness. You did indeed make me smile and now I am going to take your advice. I'm going camping! I'm outta here! Nature and I need some time together. See/talk to ya in a few days.

  4. Jody, :D I knew it!! Well, that all depends now. On if you like what is coming to YOU in the mail.....

  5. I got to the end...I'm feeling completely tense by then, and then have to laugh at the end. No, I've never felt that way but everybody in my house sure tries to make me. Luckily, I'm just always so positive...and spiritual (cause if you're spiritual, you'll never be in a bad mood) and.....okay. Sometimes I imagine how that must feel.

  6. Wow, Rach... Your very own greatest hits list from TF...
    Well, I read them all and I have to say, that you should listen to him. I esp. like "For Taylor".

    I would come and give your "tonnage" a big hug or take you to get one of those pickles you're always talking about, but I might cough on you (or your pickle) and give you my plague, so I'm staying put. But know you are loved, by many people in so many ways. The least of these being me.

    BTW- I NEVER have those days... Thanks for letting me know what they're like.

  7. I have those days for about 5 to 7 days every month. Most months more often. It's such a pain! Especially for those around me. When I catch myself being that way I try to find something to be positive to help get rid of it. It's hard to do.

  8. that was me yesterday. I was growling all day.

  9. The rather colorful question that I've very intentionally removed from my vocabulary, but that I used to ask myself on days like the one you described is, "So who peed on your Cheerios?"

    Sometimes I could make myself laugh.

    But I don't want my kids to say it.

    So I don't anymore either.

    Except for here.

    I hope you never have a day like the one you described. :)

  10. well then. going camping is the PERFECT THING. no mirrors. no house or the lists of stuff the house wants done. the dogs can hunt like they are supposed to. lol. um.... yeah. camping is the thing!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. not the wrong side of the bed stuff...i hate that because those days are just dumb. i just love all the comments and the thought of you out there sunning your BEAUTIFUL face.

  11. ummmmmmmm....... ooookkkkaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy.

  12. No, it's not just you. Enjoy your camping.

  13. You are not there to read this, because you are up that scary mountain road with a bunch of horses who really don't care what you look like and who are bound to give you somebody to kick constructively. But yeah. Almost every day of my life lately. Like every day I wake up as though I had a hangover (what do I know about hangovers? TV, that's what), and I don't even drink. Tomorrow I get to take Jetta to the vet for more pigeon fever. And I'm thinking about having all the mirrors covered. And right now I want a hotdog.

    Just sayin'

  14. Ummmm, nooooo, never. That would never ever ever be me. HAH.
    I am so there. :)

  15. Lyndee, You are just so truly blessed being all so positive and spiritual and all. I bet you never burn your toast either. ;) Glad you were able to laugh. No one likes to feel tense!

    Natalie, I know! A nice gift eh? And I did listen to him. I headed to the mountains and it started to rain so I sat and let it fall on my face and I breathed......and then I felt the sun on my face.....and I breathed.

    You get better soon because you and the pickle need to be introduced even though fried pickles don't help tonnage. They do help morale though and that helps tonnage....eventually right? And never say you're the least..... you rate too high in my book of loved ones for that.

    BTW--I feel it my personal duty to make others aware of how life 'could' be... even if we don't ourselves experience it. :D

    Chastina, It is hard to do!! And I commend you for trying. Sometimes I am able to. Most times in fact but every once in awhile......grrrr.

    Marseille, I'm glad it is in the 'yesterday' category and not the 'now'. So much better to be able to dust off our britches and walk away not looking back.

    Anaise, LOL! Mine is, "Blow it out your backside". I love it! You just made my day.

    And I hope you never have a day like I described. I hear they are pretty awful.

    Misty, When you are sleeping on the ground there isn't a bed to get up on the wrong side of right? :D

    Hanna, THAZ RIGHT!

    Natasha, I did enjoy the camping! And so sorry you have days like that too..... Days like that should be banned!

    Kristen, Nah! The mountain isn't scary and we missed you!! And I DID have a kicking session with a horse even though I was exhausted and wasn't up to it. Kenya pulled back with Colin next to her, then she swung her butt around and tried to kick Honey at the hitching post and there was Colin who got kicked instead. Thankfully it just bruised Colin a good one. I grabbed Kenya and told her, "You just made a deal with the devil" and I lit into her. I had her working back and forth and then walking backward back and forth. Talk about some serious licking and chewing.... serious submission when the session was done.

    Noooo, not pigeon fever again!! Dang it!!

    Sarah, Yeah, whatever booger picker flicker

    Ginna, Oooh! You need to come with me and get some fried pickles then. You and me, we'll drown out our sorrows over some fried pickles and then we'll get a huge piece of chocolate dessert to go with.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Rachel--I will remember this the next time I have a morning like this, which is approimately 2 or 3 times a month. Minus the dog food. It was generally cat food, but then the dang cat up and died and now I don't have to worry about that any more. The dog will always eat bread or macaroni or cheese or something.

    But anyway, thanks for the laugh.

  18. Lori, And with my luck on a day like this, the dog would puke up the mac. and cheese all over the carpet. :) Oh happy day..... Thank goodness they end.


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