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Friday, July 30, 2010

Things I've Learned This Week

*There is an actual term for what happened to me the other day while out running, apparently it is a common 'issue' thus resulting in a "Code Brown"!

*Who ever came up with the saying, "What goes up must come down" never stood on a bathroom scale.

*The great debate was solved between two little girls when I was told to raise my arms, "See!!! Girls do TOO grow hair under their arms!"

*Stretch jeans can only stretch so far.

*I am the only mom in the entire universe that doesn't let her kids have or go to sleepovers.

*When I was told this saying was posted on Face Book I thought who ever came up with it was brilliant: Having a smoking section in a restaurant is like having a peeing section in a swimming pool.

*I am the rudest mom in the whole world because I make The Native's write me persuasive letters when they want something really bad and I need convincing.

*There are two purposes to passing gas. One, if we didn't then we'd blow up like balloons and we'd float away and second, it's a smoke screen. A means of escape. Special note: If we were to blow up like a balloon and float away then you have to watch out for birds pecking and popping us making us fall from the sky. It would be a messy landing.


  1. L.O.L!!!! Ha! Code Brown. Oh. And the essay? I am SO STEALING THAT. Nice one Rach.

  2. LOL - Oh the things we learn! :D Life is such an ADVENTURE! :D

    PS I've thought the same thing about no smoking sections. And I like the idea about having the kids write persuasive letters. Just curious though... do they suddenly seem less interested in persuading you?

    TTFN... Corine :D

  3. Ha, HA! & LOL!

    I'm glad I could enlighten you on the correct terminology of your episode the other night. It just sounds so more official now. :) (I still think cookies would be a great follow up.)

    I love the quote about the smoking section- so true!

    Thanks for the laugh this morning. Now I can help clean Lyndee's house with a little spring in my step and definite smile on my face to combat my dread of losing her.

  4. I am the only other mom in the entire world who doesn't let her kids have/go to sleepovers! Except for with family. Do you let them do sleepovers with cousins? Because I make that one little exception. And honestly? It depends on the cousins/aunts/uncles if I really let them go. Either way, I love that I am not the only mom in the world who does this.

    You made my day!!

  5. You also forgot that passing gas is super least to first graders.

  6. Misty, The essays work well. Most of the time the answer is still no, but sometimes, they point out things I've not thought of and are good points. Sometimes. :D

    Corine, Surprisingly they don't complain at all. It is usually something they feel passionate about so they throw that passion into their paper.

    Natalie, I think cookies would be great as well and if I ever do get around to it, I'm making you come with me to deliver them!!! :D

    Oh shoot!!!!! I forgot Lyndee's house!!!! I am SUCH A LOSER! Sigh....

    Gerb, I am with you on the cousins. Depends. Glad I could make your day! It is nice to know that I am not the only crotchety mom out there!!

    P.S. Congratulations on the new baby boy!!! Who is so gonna be ticked when he finds out he can't have/do sleepovers..... ;)

    Tami, Which proves the point, that my mentality is at about the level of a first grader.... I still find the passing of gas funny. Well, until it is the teenagers doing it at the dinner table, then it ticks me off! ;)

  7. I, too, am with you on the sleepovers. My girls, too, are with yours in believing they have the only mom in the world mean enough to not allow them.

    What a great smile you gave me this morning. :)

  8. I'd like to hear your thoughts on the sleepover thing. I'm gonna need it like in a week as you know what I'll be aquiring then. Tee Hee. Love this post. Made me smile.

  9. Essays. Dang why didn't I think of that?

    We don't really allow sleep overs either, but that's a more recent development.

    Cute post.

  10. I thought I was the meanest mom in the world. I'm very strict about sleep overs also.

  11. 1. we didn't do sleepovers either.
    2. my sister had to write a persuasive paper to get her ears pierced when she was 16.

  12. Marseille- And was your sister persuasive enough? ;)

  13. apparently, because she did get her ears pierced. The original rule was going away to college. She's the only one (of 5) that has gotten her ears pierced. I wouldn't be surprised if my other fashion conscious sister (who is 15) got her ears pierced too.


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