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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Running Saga

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Note to self: When running so soon after dinner make sure and use the biffy before heading out. Being several miles from home and having to knock on a stranger's door at 10:30 P.M. asking them if you can take a dump and smell up their bathroom is very very very embarrassing. So embarrassing and mortifying you can't even look the man at the door (yes, it has to be a man.... can't be a sympathetic woman) in the face as you duck by him and run to his bathroom. Said man will laugh his head off and you will duck your head even more and pray you never run into or see that person ever again knowing full well you probably will because you run by that house every time you run.

Note to self: Find a new route to run in the opposite direction next time.

Note to Mr. T who is running with me: Next time you ditch me and pretend you do not know me when I knock on stranger's door I am going to leave you in the construction zone trenches that have been dug. When you appear further down the road because you feel like said stranger's in house can't see us anymore I will bop you on the head. Laughing hysterically the whole way home making fun of me and telling me you can't wait to tell everyone is cause for me to take you out of this world. Just sayin'..........


  1. Thanks for the heads up... I think. ;)
    Just another reason you should run with me. I would probably wet myself from laughing at you, so as long as you still claim me, I'll still claim you.

  2. Oh Natalie- It really was hysterical. I about did more than wet myself I was laughing so hard and the whole way home my run was ruined because I continued to laugh. Laughing hard and running at the same time don't exactly go together.

    Grief! Only me..........

    And not only that! But I was also mortified and walking with my shoulders hunched and bent over because, well, it was dark so no one would notice that I wasn't wearing a certain supportive something up top right? Riiiiight.....

  3. Oh Rachel! That is HYSTERICAL! I'm in a FOUR day training with hundreds of people and I can not stop laughing. Thank you! Thank you for making this HELL I am sitting in just a little more enjoyable!

  4. oh! that STINKS!!! LOL!!!!!


    well, at least you gave the guy something to talk about over breakfast the next day.

    i knew a guy that had to go so bad during a marathon that he just did it...behind a car..on the side of a road. stood up and realized that there were several people who could see him and they were clapping.

    he took a bow.


  5. Oh NOOOOOOOO! Are you kidding me? Holy Crap!

  6. Whenever I have one of my, "This would only happen to me!" moments, I will remember you and all the, "That would only happen to Rachel!" moments. Woman, you make me laugh.

  7. I am so grateful that I chose to stay home and lift weight last night. I don't think that the light post Mr T was hiding behind was big enough to hide both of us. You crack me up.

  8. man oh man does that bring back memories of when I experienced that same think. 6:00 am and I've got no where to go, until I see the Institute building. walk in with my tank top, short shorts, sweaty body and run right into an institute teacher. talk about feeling out of place with no excuse but the TRUTH. That was embarrassing.
    I loved your story. Its funny how its so embarrassing, yet EVERYONE does it. Why? but it does make for a funny story to tell. I'm impressed you had the nerve to knock on someone's door! hahahaha

  9. OH MY GOODNESS THAT IS HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you make me laugh rachel... lolol :)

  10. LOL!!!!! :D ~ Thank heavens for humor.
    ... love your stories. :)

  11. Curses, Jody totally stole my joke. Ah well, I guess that's the price you pay when you don't get around to reading a blog until too late.

  12. What? You couldn't find a bush?

  13. Tami, My pleasure! I'm glad you enjoy my 'potty' humor. :D

    Misty, It would have stunk even more if I'd not banged on the guys door! Trevor said he'd have crapped his pants instead.......

    As I walked out of the guys house I saluted him. :D

    Jody, I wish I was kidding!!

    Lyndee, I do wish some people would take some of the responsibility with the 'only me' things that happen to a person. It's a heavy load to carry ya know! :D

    Brian, Actually, if you'd have come, I could have sat on the side of the road and sent you home for the car!!!! My night in shining armor........

    Kristi, The nerve or pure stupidity. Desperation more like....

    Hanna, You come over here so I can spank you!!! Okay, it IS funny.....

    Corine, Oh gosh! If I couldn't laugh at 99.9% of the things I do or go through I'd be a wreck. I think most of the time the only way to get through life is to laugh.

    Uncle Rush, That'll teach ya!

  14. Kathy, Well yes. Several actually but if people get all ticked off when they see strange dogs going doo doo in their bushes.......I can only imagine how they would feel seeing a person dumping in their bushes.......

  15. Rachel--take it from a runners wife. Why do you think they carry toilet paper in their wastebands?!!

  16. Leanna, I knew there was a reason I should wear a bra when I run!!!! Stuff it with TP and there ya go! Why the heck did I not think of that........

    Any other secrets Mike wants to share before I continue to embarass myself?

  17. Really?!?!

    I am without words. :)

  18. Anaise, Yeah really! I know. It is hard to talk when you are laughing so hard. :D

  19. At least you got into a house and didn't have to run behind the construction pile!!!!!

  20. Virginia, I knew you of all people would appreciate this post the most and I thought of you. Believe me I did. Actually, I was wishing there was a construction pile!! I'd have rathered that than a strange person's house!

  21. Sorry TNF! Guess great minds think alike!

  22. Up that creek without a paddle, huh?


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