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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

You asked for it!

The moment you've been waiting for. You all asked me for photos of me in my Kikoy! But first, the Adorable Young Men. See? See why I was sucked in? I was walking along at the Farmer's Market and next thing I know I come to the Kikoy booth and....

The Adorable Young Men (Chris) started to show me all of the different ways to wear the Kikoy.

Can you blame me? Yeah. Me neither. I bought his one too. WHAT?? Yellow is a good happy color. I needed it I'm sure.

I have an Adorable Young Man (Alex) growing out of the top of my head.....

And speaking of heads..... I LOVED the way this beautiful gal wore her Kikoy on her head. I made her show me how to do that too. And then this started....

Just try and sit and watch.

You can't! I know! I'm sorry! I'm obnoxious like the ladies elbow sticking in the camera but I couldn't help it. I had to join in.

Can't be helped. I've no shame.

And then it got really bad when I started to do the cha-cha. I made myself behave and step aside so the real performers could show how it is really done without being slaughtered by spazo me!

My two new Kikoys. The one I am wearing and the yellow one I snatched off of Fabrice's neck. He forgave me. Cuz he's nice like that......especially if I feed him.


  1. You are something else! Glad to see you having such a good time. You deserve it and the scarf thingies, too. Love, M.

  2. You look like you are having so much fun and doing a good job to forget all of the other daily stuff we can deal with in life. SWEET! Good for you. You deserved both colors my dear! If I were there I would have bought you a third just to spoil you.

  3. Oh how fun, it looks like you were having a blast! and yeah the guys are very cute. And the colors are so cheery. I love bright colors like that.
    What I really want to know is how to wear one on my head like that girl. Can you show me that one?

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  5. Rachel, it would be impossible not to love you. I dare someone to try.

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  7. Ha ha ha This is so Funny Rachel... Thank for all your help by the way and today it was pleasure for us to see you !


  8. Fabrice, The pleasure was all mine!!

  9. Mom, I did have a good time. I was thrilled to be able to go! Last year I missed most of the Farmer's Market because I was always on the couch. This year I've been able to go THREE TIMES and I am eating it up. Literally. :) I don't know that I deserve it but I take what good days I can get! And pack as much into them as I can!

    Jody, I had a blast! You and me baby! You're right. The stuff we deal with, on the good days we try to make up for it. I think we'd both be in trouble buying Kikoys for each other!! :D

    Ginna, I will for sure! You'd look fabulous with a Kikoy worn on your head. The colors really are vibrant and do just make you feel so happy.

  10. Lyndee, Awww shucks! That was the nicest comment!

  11. Lyndee, Awww shucks! That was the nicest comment!

  12. You and your young men are simply darling!

  13. OH FUN!!!!! you are so dang fun!!!!!


    THANK YOU FOR THE PICTURES!!! a little more sunshine in my day!

  14. Thank you for sharing the pics! I love the pics of you dancing. How fun!

  15. Anaise, They really are fun! Good boys trying to earn a buck like the rest of us.

    Misty, It coulda been you! If you were here!!! We could have all danced together.

    Chastina, Thank Kristen for taking the photos!! :D

  16. Sarah, Sarah - if it's ANYBODY's it MINE!

  17. Sarah and Kristen, Control yourselves!! :D

    You'll just have to wait and see Sarah!!!!


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