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Thursday, November 18, 2010


Photo by Backroads Photography

Mr. M turns 12 today!!

Me: You're 12 today! Do you feel any different?

Mr. M.: No, I'm still short.

Miss K.: You're growing shorter.

Mr. M.: Yeah. Basically. And it's not growing. It's shrinking! You can't GROW shorter.

Me: Matt! You are getting so wise in your old age. See? There is a difference!! Do you feel smarter?

Mr. M: (He shakes his head no). If I were smarter, I'd wish my birthday were before Wednesday cuz I took a test. But, since you don't get smarter, it doesn't matter. I'd have still gotten an 85%.

Me: Maybe the smart powers are in the birthday cake! You'll be smarter when you have your cake!

Mr. M: No, smart powers you get from going to school and paying attention in school!

Me: Who paid you to say that? The teachers? The principal?

Mr. M: (Grinning) Yeah.........

Me: Sucker! It's in the fudge sauce on the ice cream!

Mr. M: I don't like fudge sauce.

Me: Which is why you will never be smart OR GROW! Growth hormones are in fudge sauce.

Mr. M: I already AM smart!

Me: Oh! Well, happy birthday.


  1. That was a very deep conversation. Hahe! The talks we have with our children are priceless.

  2. happy birthday cute, smart, GROWING boy!


  3. OH MY GOSH!! Are you kidding? After all these years and all I had to do was eat the FUDGE SAUCE?? I could have done that. I could have done that EASY. Drat. What about the cute part, though? Because whatever does that, Matt's been doing it for years -

  4. Happy birthday Mr. M! You are very smart it seems. Don't let your mom fool ya that "It's in the Chocolate sauce" cause it's not.

  5. Wow! 12 already?!?! What a wise young man he is becoming.

  6. Can I just tell you that I love that kid? He makes me smile on a continual basis.

  7. Lyndee, And yet he still doesn't get it... he asked for a lemon cake!

    Misty, It's his sole goal in life. To please please please GROW!

    Kristen, YES! The fudge sauce. It's true! I eat it, I grow! Not in the direction I want. But I grow! As for the cuteness, he takes a spoonful of sugar each night before bed. It increases the dimples, makes the eyes twinkle more, and the smile that more darling.

    Jody, Oh yeah??? Then where is it? :D

    Chastina, Yes. Sigh. 12. Dang it!

    Anaise, He had a great weekend. A very special weekend.

    Anony, Yeah. I have to admit he does that to me too. He's never going to be allowed to grow up and leave me.


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