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Monday, November 8, 2010


For those of you who live in the area, If you see me at the school dropping off the little Native's, I won't be offended if you walk on the other side of the hallway. In fact, I won't even be offended if you take an entirely different hallway!

Image shamelessly stolen from here

I am babysitting these guys this week!

Another image that I have no regret stealing from here.

Which means I'm walking around in these.

Because I'm stepping in and shoveling this stuff.

And no matter how many mud puddles I step in on the way back to the truck they still look and smell like..... chewed up grass!

And it is raining out so I'm wearing one of these because naturally curly hair that you've spent the morning straightening and rain do not get along.

But then again, neither do rain and hay. It tends to stick and get into everything. The hay. Add rain to it and you've got a hat covered in hay lint!

The end result! Me smelling rather odoriferous and looking a bit like Mrs. Indiana Jones! Better watch out! Not only do I know how to wield a manure rake! I can crack a whip too! Just ask The Native's!


  1. I wouldn't walk on the other side of the hall. The smell of horse manure is one of the smells I can handle. I'm sure it's because every time I smell it I think about my grandparents farm and how much fun I had there.

  2. I am very familiar with the smell. In fact, I can pretty much smell you from where I am. It's strong stuff.

  3. you'd make me sneeze, but I still wouldn't walk on the other side of the hall. You're much to nice. Thanks for watching those dudes and dudettes so my mom can leave her house once in a while! you're the best!!

  4. Chastina, You are a true friend. It's a good aroma. ;)

    Lyndee, Nuh uh! That's Shem you're smelling!!! :D

    Ginna, Well, truthfully, it's not a sacrifice at all... Can you call it babysitting if you adopt them and consider the dude and dudettes yours? I like the excuse to go out and spend time with them. Even if I look goofy walking down the school halls and stinketh.

  5. FINALLY!! INternet access!! ANd you KNOW YOU LOVE IT!!! YAYAYYAY!!!!

  6. And anyway, you'd smell like home! (That's just Shem you're smelling- lol)

  7. Kristen, You're safe!! This is good. Very good! The donkeys send their love. ;)

  8. Rachel, all I can say is that you're a better woman than I am.


  9. Lori, Really? Cuz I thought they made my butt look good! :D

  10. Awwww, the smells of country. Gotta love em!

  11. Rach--next time post a picture of your butt, enhanced by said boots. I will admire. ;)

  12. That's funny. That really looks like MY? hat. Except I don't remember MY hat being so dirty.

  13. Jody, Fresh! Very fresh!

    Lori, :D Deal!!

    SM, What happens while you're away...... ;)


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