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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Romeo and Juliet

Mr. B's English project. Romeo and Juliet 1930's style

There is another video that is hilarious that I can't get on here. The gal videoing this was a weeee bit fascinated with the half naked tennis player in the back and spent a good portion of the videoing time zooming in on him while the actors kept waiting and waiting and waiting for her to get back to the project.

Watch closely the end credits. :D Hormonal teenagers! Gotta love em!

Romeo: Played by Mr. B....... naturally........


  1. That was awesome. Course, one of my favorite parts is when they hug--I didn't know you could hug such a safe distance away.

  2. Lyndee, Isn't that hysterical? I had the same thought! I cracked up. And it goes on and on and on because the girl videoing is watching the shirtless tennis player in the background instead of paying attention to Mr. B and Miss R. I got the biggest kick out of the whole thing.

  3. Perfect.

    Other than the hugging, I noticed how the father had a pair of aviators on as well as an extra pair in his pocket.

  4. Tami, :D When he's the 'chum' he's wearing glasses. When he's the disapproving parent he's wearing the aviators. The 'cool' glasses.

    I was thinking it should have been the other way around. The chum wearing the aviator glasses and the disapproving father wearing the "McFly" glasses. :D

  5. Now THAT totally makes sense! You should have been the director!

  6. Tami, But then The SM would have words with me because of the gagga scene with the shirtless tennis player. :D Much better/safer to be the movie critic. ;P

  7. Ummm...where did you say this was filmed? The day? Time? And does the shirtless guy with the pecs always play there?

    I'm just kidding. Really I am. But that...that was too funny.

    Tell B I think he's off to Hollywood!

  8. oh richard! oh virginia!!! LOL. this was WONDERFUL!!!!!

  9. I loved this! Very cool that they can do something like this in school. He's a natural!

  10. Anaise, I got the biggest kick out of this whole thing.

    Nat, It is getting cold... we probably should go and make sure he's not getting hypothermia.. ya know, you being a nurse and all...

    Misty, The names were perfect. I asked Mr. B how they chose the names and he said they looked up the most popular names back then.

    Jody, I know! Back in my day :D BORRING!!!


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