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Monday, November 15, 2010

Look What I Just Bought!

I am in so much doo doo. My neighbor showed me these last night. I fell. I fell hard. I had to buy the pattern.

There's just one problem.

I knit. These are crochet.

I don't know how to crochet!!

But I don't care! I don't care that Christmas is only a little over a month away.

There's a reason I've been called a knit whit!

I don't care if it kills me!

I am going to figure out/learn how to crochet.

Because I think The Native's who are begging me to make them these....

Will just be tickled pink/purple/orange/green to find these on Christmas morning.

Hopefully The Native's won't notice that a certain character that they used to call me is missing. Crossing my fingers that they will be amply intoxicated on Christmas sugar and egg nog.

Love and peace out,

Jabba da Hut

Here is the link if you want to buy from this seller. Link


  1. You can totally do this. I learned how to crochet from a book (I taught myself to crochet! (catchy title)), but I couldn't do that with knitting--I had to watch someone. I made Mike a crocheted Yoda for his birthday. I sat right beside him and worked on it, and he didn't have a clue! I *love* this Ewok!

  2. Oooh! My kids would adore these. And I CROCHET!! Except, I'm not so great at reading patterns, but gotta start somewhere. Why not on a multi-colored, three dimensional cut bundle of Star Wars joy?

  3. Korrie, Thank you!!! I'm going to go and look for that book. I've been told teaching yourself to crochet is easier than knitting.... we'll see!!! I'm not exactly 'quick' these days. :D

    Lyndee, Your kids would totally dig these! I bet your hubby would too.... just bettin'....

  4. I can not do any sort of needlework unless it involves a sewing machine... so WHY OH WHY did you have to post these? Because now I need them. Not want... NEEEEEEEED. Every single one of my kids would fight over who got to have them from the 17-year-old down to the 2-year-old. Can you buy them already made? Can you learn to crochet, make your set and then make me one if I buy you a new car or something? Can you point me in the direction of a talented crocheter who accepts bribes?

    Seriously. I am so in love. My 2-year-old boy wanders the house in a Darth Vader mask breathing 'heeeee-hooooo, heeeee-hooooo.' One of his first discernible words was "R2!" He can even sing the Star Wars theme song. My 4-year-old girl is obsessed with Leia. My 6-year-old boy can name every Star Wars character from memory. He wants to name his soon-coming baby brother Yoda or Chewy. You want me to go on? I totally could - through every stinkin' kid. They are all obsessed. There is no turning back now that you've shown me these little marvels.


    (I am going to hurry and click on PUBLISH YOUR COMMENT before I read it over again and get embarrassed and change my mind.)

  5. OH MY GOODNESS!!! those are so cute!! the Ewok is my favorite though- :)

  6. Wicket and Chewbacca are my favorites...not that I'd want them, but they're cool.

  7. Carrilyne and Chastina might know how to do these....At least, they might be able to get you started.

    Chewy is my fave, followed by Yoda in a close second. So fun.

  8. Those are soooooo cute!

    If you can knit--you can certainly learn to crochet.

    No sweat!

  9. Gerb, You are ahead of me! When it comes to 'sewing' I'm pathetic. Now, my baby sis on the other hand.... she is gifted. I missed opening that one somehow.

    :D I'm glad you didn't change your mind and published your comment. Reading your comment is proof that we are in sinc in yet another area. Star Wars Lego's is yet again, another hot wanted item for Christmas this year.

    Hanna, I can't decide between the Ewok and Yoda. I think they are both so adorable.

    Uncle Rush, You wouldn't want something like this? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?? ;)

    Nat, I bet you're right! I bet they could help me no problem!

    Anaise, I'm hoping that crocheting is something I can pick up. I've been told....... now we'll see if people are just being nice!!! :D

    Linda, I thought so too! And if YOU think they are amazing, then they must be because what you have created is truly several notches above amazing!

  10. SNAP!!! I have put these in my favourites folder, i'd better go and buy them now or there wont be any patterns left :-) I also thought that they would be cool for idea when I was going to make them??? Maybe we can come up with a Jabbadahut pattern together??

    Seems we have a few households with the same disease!!

    I love them all :-)

  11. PS You Tube has some amazing crochet tutorials and from the look of these you may only need to lean the single crochet all about holding the yarn and if you can knit you are already skilled at that :-)

    I learnt about a year ago and I love the instant gratification from crochet!

  12. Don't you love Jen? And this pattern - it's awful. It's terrible. It's TEMPTATION! Ginna could show you how to do this. Heck - I should be able to show you - I used to crochet a LOT. But mostly snowflakes. Which are different. I miss you. But you'd DIE for this baby, honest.

  13. Jen, I've started an epidemic. :D I thought they'd make cute little ornaments.

    Youtube has been wonderful for my knitting too. So many times I get stuck and I just go to youtube and there ya go. A video telling me exactly what I need to do. I love youtube!!

    I've also been told it is faster than knitting and so as you say, the gratification is instant.

    Kristen, Yes! I do!!

    Don't show this to Ginna!!! What ever you do! And you're right, I'd much rather come and hold that baby. I miss you too. Tons!!! We've much crafting to do ya know!

  14. Oh wow these are sooooo cute! I like Yoda, he is so perfect, but they all are. I've always been an R2D2 fan (I actually named my garbage can that in my truck cause it looks just like him and then can tell how old I am when the kids look at me like.."R2D2 huh?), but these are all soooo precious. I'm sure you'll be able to catch on quick. I used to crochet years ago and it was pretty simple. Great find Rachel!!

  15. I'm sure you can learn how to crochet. Those things are so CUTE!

  16. Jody, C3PO cracks me up with his one liners. Funny you should call your garbage can R2D2. That is what I call our shop vac!

    Chastina, I'm hoping I can. The problem I am facing now is time! The big day is only a month away!!

    Kathy, Have you been good?? ;)


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