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Thursday, November 4, 2010


Hi! My name is Rachel and I have an addiction to buying books. A bad one.

Up until now, I didn't think of it as a problem. I could quit. Sure! Anytime I wanted! Not buy a book...... pfft. Piece of cake.

I have several large and tall book cases in my house and through out my house. They are full. Most of the shelves are doubled up. You can't see the books in back because of the books in front. And the books laying across the tops of the books. And the books piled on the floor next to the shelves....

I'm okay with this! I like books. They are my friends. They keep me company. They make me happy. They make a room feel warm and cozy.

The SM has been trying to get me to down size for quite some time now. Admittedly, I have a few books that were bought and not loved to death but still made their way to the shelves. There are some books that have been so loved by little ones the only thing left is a middle page or two.

I told The SM the other day I was ready. I was ready to finally go through all of our books and get rid of those that could either be donated or thrown in the trash because they are missing most of the pages.

This morning, I got out boxes and was ready to impress The SM by the huge dent I'd make.

I started to pull the books off of the shelves going through them one by one. After a few hours I looked around me to assess how well I was doing! One little box full for donation, a garbage bag full for the trash, and heaps upon heaps of books ready to go right back up on the shelves........ Baby steps okay!!

I called The SM and told him what I was doing. I was finally addressing and doing something about my addiction to buying books! He'd be so proud of me when he came home and saw that I'd cleaned out some of my books.

Speaking of books, that reminded him that our baby girl wanted him to get her a book she wants to read from the library. I got all excited, "Oh honey! They have the WHOLE SERIES at Cost-Co! Hard bound! I'm going later to get groceries. I could pick up the whole set for her!!!"

Hi! My name is Rachel. I have an addiction to buying books. A bad one.


  1. Yeah. I can't help you with that.

  2. K, actually maybe you can...

    Do you mind we send over twenty or so heavy, full boxes for storage? ;) Just temporarily for 20 or so years until the kids have moved out and we can line every room's wall with shelving... And until we have a bigger house with more wall space that can be lined with more shelves...

  3. There are worse addictions to have. I totally "get" this. I have hundreds of kid's books in addition to my own. I finally just got a nook and can carry them ALL with me!

  4. I don't even know what to write because it would be so long and complicated. Let's just say I am 95% SM and 5% Rachel. My hubby on the other hand, is 99.9% Rachel. That other .1% is when it comes to MY books.
    I'm proud that you did any. Like you said 'baby steps'.

  5. Hi Rachael my name is Jenni and I too have an addiction to buying books :-) What ever you do do not visit The Book they have free postage worldwide.....but I didn't tell you that :-)

  6. Yeah, me too.

    I totally understand.

  7. I've often had these fantasies of an actual, real-life library in my own home. The castles in all the fairytales always have them and I want my own fairytale ending complete with library. Seems fair. Now where to put it....

  8. Kristen, No! You can'! Especially since one shelf is full of books you gave me when YOU cleaned YOURS out. :D Not that I mind... ;)

    SM, Read above comment to Kristen. Did I forget to tell you about that? Oops......

    Tami, I'm so old fashioned! I love the look and feel of books! I want to feel them in my hands... turn their pages.. I think nooks would be great for going on trips and such when you don't want to haul a ton of books... but at home... I'm just pathetic!

    Natalie, Which is why, my dear, we get along so well!! :D

    Jenni, So, does this mean we are enablers? :D

    Anaise, I knew you'd understand!!

    Lyndee, I know! Me too! And along with those books, yummy over stuffed chairs to lose oneself in while escaping between the pages of a book. And a window seat. The room has to have window seats with curtains that you can hide behind!

  9. Sounds like the happy solution to the problem would be to build recessed bookshelves in every wall of the existing house. It would add resale value to the home for when Brian decides to get that bigger house he mentioned.

  10. The problem is: You shop all the wrong places. Books are 25-50 cents at yard sales. Next time you see a yard sale, just stop and ask if they have any books. You can bypass the tupperware, bud vases, and worn out clothes, if you want to. The books are CLASSICS!

  11. Jody, :D That is an ongoing joke with The SM and I. Just build more shelves and it will solve all of our problems and the world's I'm sure!

    Mike, Sadly, I'm a sucker there too..... I can't pass those up either....... which makes me want to get even more because they are such a bargain!! :D

  12. Well I guess it is obvious that the SM is winning this one. Okay, here's the deal. Start stacking your book collection on his side of the bed. Then when he moves to the couch, quietly begin stacking them there. He'll at some point begin building the shelves. ;) Problem solved.

  13. Jody, I'll let you know how the plan works. :D

  14. Uncle Rush, I know! I agree! A nook with a yummy lamp, and a plump chair, and a window seat with lots of pillows and curtains!

    Oh wait. You mean the kind I hold in my hand. That electronic thing.... for get a bout it!


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