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Monday, November 29, 2010


Thanksgiving 2010 came and went. This is Thanksgiving gospel by Rachel: Thanksgiving should be spent with family and loved ones. Amen!
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We ate a ton of this..........(sorry, no photo of us actually eating or of the food. The photographer was too busy stuffing her face.)

Photo credit

We played a bunch of these.......(sorry, no photos of the game playing. The photographer was too busy trash talking and trying to slide cards under her chair without being noticed...... WHAT?)

We went up in the mountains and played in the snow....... (I say "we" loosely. Somebody had to stay in the truck and make sure no one stole it! It's a rough job. I volunteered beings as I'm tough, nice, and sacrificing like that.)

We chopped down and carried one of these down the mountain.....

Hey! I could have cut/sawed it down if I'd wanted but being the unselfish mum that I am..... I let my boys! They need the experience and they can't get experience if I am always stepping in for them now can they? I learned that in parenting 101...

I even had my baby girl chop down a tree! That. Is how you become a ten cow wife. She's in training......

We taught ourselves how to crochet and made one of these......

We took several of these.....

And made one of these.....

Hope your Thanksgiving was just as fun, plentiful, and fattening.....


  1. Look at you, crocheting away! I still love the Ewok best. Sounds like you had a perfect Thanksgiving!

  2. so cute!! all of it! did you get a new couch. I like!!!!

  3. collin flipping us off in the header picture?!! totally awesome picture though!!! Christmas card?

  4. Korrie, They are eyeball less but I'm figuring it out. I tried to embroider eyes but they look way better with the button eyes so I need to run to Michael's and get some. Still, they are turning out fairly cute. I think the Ewok is dang cute too!

    Thanks for the suggestion on the book. I bought it and have been using it like mad. You were right. I was able to learn from the book.

    Alex. Yes! We did finally get new couches. About time too! Makes me hope that someday I 'might' get new carpet too! :D

    P.S. No, Colin is not flipping you off! I can't believe you would even suggest that!!! He's flipping me off.......

    Not sure what we are doing for a Christmas photo yet.....

  5. Sounds fabulous! As fabulous as that Yoda looks...even if he is blind. ;)

  6. What a fun weekend! I knew you could learn how to crochet. Yoda and the Ewok are both so cute!

  7. I feel so darned lost. Don't know when I left off or where to pick up. The smell of pine in the forest on the mountain in snow. The crazy kids. The brave and strong K, the brilliant fingers of my Rachel. It's all good. We don't play games anymore, because we're all too fat and old and the babies are too young. By the time the kids are old enough, I'll be flipping DEAD>


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