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Monday, November 22, 2010

Save the Turkeys!

The local kindergartners are on a crusade. They read a story about some turkeys who disguised themselves in the hopes of escaping...... the..... guillotine!

Their mission should they accept it, to take their turkey and disguise it.

Mission accomplished.

Peace, Love, and Happiness,

The Force


  1. LOL. so. roast for thanksgiving?

  2. Okay - I'm not sure I like the school doing this. I know this is a downer comment, but the kids are all going to go home and eat turkey for Thanksgiving, and they're going to have a real moral dilemma that the whole family may have to deal with. And I really, really hate the sign that uses "kill" and "father" in the same space.

    We were explaining once to Cam what the turkey we were going to eat had been before it was food, and he was sick. He refused to eat any EVER after that, and still won't eat things with bones. Kids hearts are so tender - and there are scriptures that say that certain animals were placed here for us to eat. It's hard enough for me to do it - and that opens a whole can of worms (sorry) about the meat industry.

    I'm not sure the schools should be making it harder for us to work out the moral questions. And I don't like it when they tackle them without parents' permission.

    Sorry. Sorry. Jaden looks so cute.

  3. Misty, Heck no! We're having turkey!! :D

    Kristen, (Smiling and shaking my head) This is supposed to be fun! It isn't a real platform that the school is taking. It was a cute little story about turkeys trying to trick the farmer. Kind of like the click clack moo book or whatever it is called. The kids had a Thanksgiving dinner last week with all of the turkey and fixings and learned about the pilgrims, indians, and the first thanksgiving.

    This was just a fun thing for the kids to do if they wanted to and we, being the warped people that we are and obsessed with Star Wars, took it full head on and IIIIIII am the one who wrote kill and father in the same sentence! :D I'm going to have to friendly disagree with you on this one. They've had a fun week learning turkey songs and playing with hiding the turkey around the classroom and such.

    As for meat. I've said it once, I've said it a million times. I'm a carnivore. Take me to a place like Ticano's and I'll eat anybody under the table. Mmmmm. Steak....

    P.S. You forget, I grew up on 'fresh' meat. That is where our meat came from. Our chickens, our steers, animals my father hunted. I was there for the slayings, and I was there for the gutting out, the plucking, etc. I grew up knowing and respecting the food that was placed before me.

  4. K. I have to giggle at your comment. The sign on the turkey is a line from Star Wars. As a person who is mostly vegetarian because I gag when I have to "chew" too much, I find this kinda cute. Chances are, most kids won't think anything of it and will be like my boys that like to remind me of what I'm eating, when I do eat meat. Plus, in the word of wisdom, we are to eat meat sparingly...Thanksgiving is more of a gorging meal; but I sure do like it. AND, we bought our turkey today. I'm gonna have Chris prepare it cause I don't have the stomach for it (and I grew up on a ranch; go figure).

  5. I think you're a genius!


  6. Lyndee, I love to eat meat but I don't like preparing it. The SM says after he listens to me gag and carry on while trying to prepare the turkey he's lost his appetite. :D

    Gerb, TOTALLY!

  7. I LOVE this! That is one of my favorite corny sayings (well corny because I'm something way north of 30). What a cutie pie.

  8. Jody, I wouldn't say way north. I thought 29 was south! :D


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