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Friday, November 5, 2010

It's All About How You Look At It!

Yesterday I spoke of my addiction.

As I filled up seven boxes and one grocery bag worth of books to be donated and two huge garbage bags for the trash, I looked around at all of the books piled on the floor around me. I looked at the shelves. The shelves I'd just dusted and were ready for the books to go back on.

Now, I'm no genius but..... even I could tell that my goal of having all of the shelves with one single row of books on them was not going to be met.

The shelves quickly filled and once again I was doubling up the shelves with all of my books I am not willing at this time to part with.

At first I was discouraged and then! I saw it! The light!

There are a few shelves that aren't doubled up!! Do you know what this means???

I've room for more books!

Some addictions are just not worth the effort of over coming.........


  1. You definitely need help. Professional help... ;)

  2. SM, You quit chewing your nails and I'll see about my addiction. ;)

  3. Amen. Not about Brian's nails.

  4. I'm sure my hubby would agree with yours. I have a problem throwing things out. I LOVE some good books!

  5. Brian- I am her professional help and we already have this problem solved. See her previous post's comments section.

  6. Have I mentioned i'm addicted to USED books?

  7. Kathy, Have I mentioned that is part of my problem? It's such a great deal!!! I can't pass it up! :D


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