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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


When the local fire and paramedics are doing their training and need volunteers to be the victims...... we are more than happy to fall to the occasion.

Quit smiling punk. You're supposed to be dead! Hey! Wait a second!! How come the blood is flowing down your face when you are upside down..... Somethin's not right with this picture! I want a second opinion! Now! Stat!!

Mr. C said it was a fun evening and he was glad he'd volunteered....that is..... until they left him for dead and went and worked on someone else. He felt that was rude but then got over it quick when they gave him donuts as consolation.


  1. Lol! I thought the same thing about the blood flow. Then I thought to myself (I think many thoughts), perhaps he was bleeding earlier, thus the flow, some of the blood had dried and he had been coming down the stairs looking for someone to help. That's when he collapsed. You know, I'm sure that's what happened.

  2. I agree with him. It's RUDE to leave people for dead. And I agree with you - have blood run down your chin when you're upside down? Yeah. No.

  3. Lyndee, I didn't get any photos (because I wasn't there) when they had Mr. C "acting" out the drama for them to work on so when he walked in the door, this is what he came up with.

    Although, your theory is pretty good too. :D

    Kristen, I know! Because dead people can't eat donuts so OBVIOUSLY he wasn't dead! Until he got home and didn't share any with me......

  4. Oh! I so want to do that! Especially if donuts are involved.

  5. You had me going for a minute there....I was wondering why you would stop to take a photo at such an inopportune time???? And I didn't think about the blood flowing the wrong much analysing there, I just reacted! LOL

  6. Man, I hate it when I'm left for dead...

  7. Pretty cool kids you got there!

  8. I love that he is smiling even though he is "dead."

  9. Nat, I think we should look into volunteering ourselves. Especially if it is anywhere close to a tennis court. ;)

    Tami, Tragic. Yes. Makes the most exciting stories.

    Baa, When he first walked in the door my heart jumped for a second. Who ever did the make up. Pretty gross!!

    Anony, Especially if you can still eat donuts!

    Jody, He thought this whole thing was great. He played his part well.

    Chastina, Being upside down, maybe he's frowning!! And we misunderstood! :D


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