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Monday, November 22, 2010

Most Definetly A Monday.....A Levi Monday...

After a weekend of celebrating our Mr. M's 12th birthday, we fell into bed Sunday evening looking forward to a long uninterrupted night of beauty sleep. Heck, I didn't even need it to be beauty. I just wanted sleep.

Amazingly, we made it to bed at a decent hour and I soon found myself in a deep sleep. A deep sleep which I was violently wakened from. You know the kind. The kind where you have a fire alarm go off and even though it's just the idiot alarm screaming it's piercing head off, it has your heart going a hundred miles an hour and your eye balls are bouncing around trying to get the sleep out and focus on something.

A flood of light hit The SM and I. My squinty eyes tried to focus on the person standing next to our bed. Tears in his eyes Levi tried telling us that something was wrong. It was evident something was wrong but I couldn't understand what he was trying to tell me. He kept pointing to his tummy.

I got out of bed and told Levi to show me. As I followed him out into the hall that is when I was jerked into the reality of the situation as my eyes came into focus on the mess that was all down his side and clear up his back.

I yelled to Levi to STOP! Go in the bathroom and wait for me. I went into his room and as the smell assaulted me I confirmed one of my worst nightmares. Why oh why can't diapers be fool proof? Why oh why must they not contain that which should be contained?

It was vile. It was disgusting. I know. I'm his mother. I shouldn't say such things about a child who has special needs right? Well, guess what? I'm saying it. It's part of Levi. A not so pleasant part of him but it is part of loving and caring for Levi.

I put Levi in the tub after I stripped off his pajamas and diaper that under the circumstances, really did try to do it's job.... it was just too big of a job...

The washing machine was set into action as bedding and clothing were brought down. Meanwhile, another Native was awakened and needed the lou. Plugging his nose he dove downstairs to use that bathroom and asked what in the world that smell was. I started running around madly lighting candles. When I was finished it looked like I should start chanting and praying.

Top to bottom (literally) Levi was scrubbed up. A new diaper put on, bed re-made with fresh clean sheets, and child put back to bed as me, the mum, continued to clean up the mess.

What seemed like ages, I fell into bed and hoped for the best. That the few hours remaining of the night would find me in deep slumber.

Fast forward a tidge and once again replay only this time, it spewed forth from both ends...... This time, The SM took over the cleaning.

The washing machine and dryer continue to run as eruption follows eruption.

The tank is finally empty and there is nothing left to erupt. Thank heavens!

Levi is sitting on the couch, the throw up bucket (plastic mixing bowl) perched on his head, a big round hat, watching a movie about bears. Some National Geographic thing picked up from the library. I ask him how he is doing. He looks at me and says, "I love you momma".

I look at my bucket head baby who has exhausted me and drained me of all energy today and I say, "I love you too, Levi". My heart and soul renewed and filled to the brim.

I love that kid.


  1. Oh wow! Just, wow! You are a wonderful mother. Seriously....seriously.

  2. Oh, wow. Oh, dear. I remember - but only part of this. Levi is always double duty. And you? You are blessed Wonder Woman.

  3. Tami, Thank you. Seriously! Thank you.

    Kristen, I used to think when my little babies did this that that was pretty nasty. Never in a million years did I ever dream it would be multiplied times a million in nastiness. Baby poop, and puke. No sweat!

  4. Those are the things which truly show a mother's love...

  5. Anony, It's easy when it is Levi....

  6. oh for crying out loud. i am grateful. that is what i am. grateful grateful grateful. levi is a blessed soul. i wish i could say more of what is in my heart. i can say thank you rachel. and brian. you are both just so good. there is no greater charity than this thing you do.

  7. Oh dear you never really get over being shocked into reality from a deep sleep do you! Lucky automatic pilot kicks in and you just do what you have to do. Those nappies never seem to work with the bigger kids, we still have an accident almost every night.....I don't know what I would do with the extra time if I didn't have to wash the sheets almost everyday. Lucky our little ones bounce back so quickly, now go and pat the cat and de-stress :-) I have to also say Rachel I will never forget that beautiful post you did about driving when you shouldn't have to go and visit your horse for some healing strength....yes animals are amazing like that. Hope you get some sleep tonight Jen xx

  8. Jen, You are an angel. If I had a kitty, I would snuggle with it but there are family members who are deathly allergic so... alas... no kitty. You de-stress with yours for me. :D The whole washing the bedding thing...... yeah.. you understand. And the whole nappies thing! The bigger they are the worse they are! What is with that? That was such a huge shock to me. How lousy they are when you get out of baby diaper sizes and into youth and adult! It's as if they stopped progressing and are as crappy :D as baby diapers were 30 years ago! Makes no sense to me!

    I've been able to ride 'my horse' a few times last month on some very fun rides. He behaved beautifully. Makes me miss him more though!! I need to work on being grateful for what time I have with him....

    Hugs to you!

  9. I'm so glad he has you as his mom! What a wonderful person you are!

    I hope you were able to sneak a nap today.

  10. Oh my what a beautiful soul! You and Levi both. Well okay, the whole family! It is amazing how love works inside our souls! You are most wonderful inside and out! Your story here touched me this morning. Did I say you were great?

  11. Misty, I'm just grateful. Just grateful I got to know you!! Ya know? Truly. And if things were different and I had my way, you'd still be here. :D But you aren't. So I'm just grateful I can still chat with you via internet.

    Chastina, Nope. No nap yesterday but today he is doing better so!! Naps all around for everyone today. We can hope......

    Jody, I think our souls/spirits are so much more in touch with things than we give credit or notice. There are things that I feel with my spirit that don't make sense logically but then something will happen and my brain will kick in or a situation will be made known to me and I'll think, "My spirit knew that! My spirit sensed that."

    When we love, it is easier to take care and serve. When it comes to our children. We'd do anything! Including clean up vile icky bodily fluids. :)

  12. You're so great and Levi is so lucky to have you! Bodily yuck is hard to deal with but when it's our own sweet kiddos it's so much easier, isn't it? I think that's a special blessing.

  13. Ginna, Most definetly! Anyone elses doo doo is too much but somehow,when it is our own kids... we are able to handle it better. Sort of. :D The whole throw up thing is a bit of a stretch for me. Blessed is the day when they can make it to the bathroom and take care of it themselves. I SO look forward to the day when Levi can figure that one out!

  14. Ah, Rachel. Bless you both. You are amazing.

    And I think it's quite okay to term "it" "vile and disgusting"...after all, it is what it is.

  15. Lori, LOL! You're right! "It" is what "it" is! No matter how you try to cover it up. It stinks!

  16. I don't have any words--just feelings of sympathy, appreciation, and respect.

  17. Anaise, Oh believe me. We don't either. We keep our mouths shut and breathe as little as possible. :D


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