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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I just want the box!

These here boots are called Johnny Poppers.

Are they not the dag nab cutest things you ever saw?

These boots are little John Deere boots and I want some only see here?

They don't come in my size. I know cuz I tried. Drazilla and Anastasia have nothing on me. I squished and shoved and twisted but danged if I couldn't get my big fat foot into these boots. Sooo, I had to get Levi a pair so I could live vicariously through him.

Besides, all I wanted was the box. How come big fat big people shoes don't come in really cool boxes that you can make into a barn I'd like to know........


  1. oooh, I want some too. Maybe we should sign a petition or something.

  2. those are so cute! I want the pink ones and i want the barn to be magenta.

  3. love it!! so cute! I totally agree... the PiNK ones...oh man! We should make our own because im sure they dont have them in a 9. And the box I love!!

  4. YAY!!! So you got some!! You need to tell Gin where you got those adorable boots you actually CAN wear. I can't believe I've seen you wearing them in the paddock for goodness sake.

    Me, too. I want the box. But on second thought, I've got a whole house worth of 30 years of adorable stuff like that. We keep tripping over it at night -


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