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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Speaking of tea........

Yesterday while writing about tea"pots" I thought to my little ol' self......."self, you can find ANYTHING on the internet. I bet you could find a teapot shaped like a toilet"! So, I sat myself down on the couch that I was already laying down on and started to look and would you guess what happened? I couldn't find one! The only thing I ended up doing was embarrassing myself when my hunky man sat next to me. When I tried to hurry and delete "teapots shaped like toilets" from my google browser he asked me what in the world I was up to now?

Well like, duh! Doesn't everyone google tea pots that look like toilets? Like he should be surprised!

I DID however........find an awesome assortment of teapots and if I'd known what all was available I'd have started to collect these suckers long ago. You name's in the shape of a teapot.....well.....excepting a toilet....BUTT (hee), everything else.

Take for example this lovely paper bag shaped teapot. This here folks is for those who have added some "heat" to their tea thus the paper bag so "no one will knoooow". Cracks me up when I see someone walking around snoggin' from a paper bag. "Hey dude! Got milk in there? Just wonderin........"

Or take this lovely number which I am SO STINKIN' SORRY IT IS SO TINY CUZ IT IS THE DANGED CUTEST TEAPOT! It has this bird thing sittin' in an ol' rocker on top for the lid. Grief! I could almost start drinking tea just from looking at these things.

How about this number? Someday when I'm 90 I'm going to own a Harley and I'm going to wear this outfit and drink tea......herbal tea that is.........

Get a load of these shoes! And looky here..........

Wouldn't this platter go with that shoe teapot? And we could make crumpets in the shape of shoes! And everyone could bring a new pair of shoes in a shoe shaped handbag! And we could take Jello and make Jello jigglers in the shape of shoes..and we could go and get another pair of shoes AFTER the shoe tea party..and then when we got done getting new shoes we could come back home for some more shoe shaped crumpets while we shoe shopped on the internet only to realize that we really need to try the shoes on so we could go BACK to the mall and try on more shoes........sorry......I've's a shoe thing.......

Do you see the rhinestones on the brim of her hat? Check out her pucker uppers and her earrings! I'm trying to figure what that stogie thing is coming out of the top of the teapot. I know......maybe it is one of those Pepperidge Farm cookie things that look like a straw and maybe that is hot cocoa in that there teapot. That would make me pucker up. Forget the tea! Hot cocoa anyone? And then we could go shopping for shoes....and then........oh........sorry........

It's this platter's fault......I can't quit looking at it. I want this platter. No, I need this platter. I'll die if I don't have this platter. Someone take these photo's away from me NOW!

Perhaps you like more of this type of whimsical teapot. On second thought,this would be too much of a reminder. Every time I'd look at it..."I'm late, I'm late....for yet another very important date......." Smashing this one to little itty bitty tiny pieces. Bet it would make a cool mosaic table top!

Hmmm, not too sure about this one. Chicken lover are you? I just think I'd have a hard time ripping it's head off every time I wanted to fill it with hot cocoa and then to have dark brown stuff pouring out of it's......"spout"........I think I'm gonna "pass" hee on this one....

Now this one is interesting! When I first saw it in a tiny little picture I thought those balls on the bottom were a cows teats but if those were the teats.....then what was that little yellow thing coming out her ahem...bahooty? I read the name of the teapot and it had to do with a circus........I thought, "Well ya, if you had a cow that lay eggs....that would belong in a circus......." Then I saw a slightly larger picture and went, "Ooooh, now I see it.....It's a big top tent!" I like my original impression better.

This guy is actually pretty cute. I think I need, want, am dying for him as much as that shoe platter....almost.

Last but not least.......I'm still trying to figure out just where the tea comes out of this one. They say a dogs mouth is clean.......or does it come out of it's nose......maybe this one would appeal to me more if it were wearing shoes......


  1. dang it rachel, i just had to try googling toilet teapot, too. wasted 5 minutes and found nothing... all those teapots are adorable. ove the shoes.

  2. those pink shoe ones I have to have!! okkk well maybe not have to have...but sooo cute!

  3. You've sold me on the shoe party, I'm inviting myself and bringing the jigglers.

  4. You're right Rachel. I did love that post. I've put my teapot collecting on hold until we are done moving every year, but we'll get back to it and now I know a shopping buddy. I have to say I love the paper bag teapot the best.

    Love ya!!!

  5. I personally am going for the chicken. I could use a good "ripping-off-of-the-head" moment. Yet, it brings back tooo many memories of the "good ole' days".


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