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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My baby girl is being home schooled this year. Bless her poor little wretched heart....She has to spend the ENTIRE day with me so I thought since she was undergoing such agonizing torture I would try to make things a little better plus teach her about money by opening up a little store for her.

Everyday as she does her chores and homework she earns a little money. Play money of course......She gets extra bonuses if I catch her doing extra nice things for the family. All money is saved for Friday when the "store" opens and she gets to rummage through the treasure box and "go shopping".

My hunky man and I perused the dollar store for a good hour looking for the most girly and hideous things we thought would delight our girl. Came home, put price tags on them, and then tried to guess which treasure our baby girl would want to earn and save up the money for.

My hunky man thought she'd go for this hideously lime green furry looking purse thing. My vote was a toss up. Either she'd go for the lip gloss or this rather large plastic yellow magnifying glass that even the dead could see with.

Out of all the bobbles, lip gloss, art supplies, cool bead pens, she picked the gargantuan yellow plastic magnifying glass........Apparently, to her saving for a couple of weeks to buy the item we bought at $1.00 that is now priced at $4.25 is worth it to her.

Home school lesson number one: Inflation sucks........We're teaching her to go into the diamond business.

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