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Friday, September 26, 2008

I was interviewed by Stacy!

The other day I went shopping. Got myself all dolled up and hit the road with my credit card flashing. As I entered the store where I was set on spending some big change I was approached by a very classy gal. She told me her name was Stacy and asked if I had a minute and could she please interview me.

Me: What is the interview for?

Stacy: I am doing research on career women.

Me: (Hee, this is gonna be good....if only she knew......)Oh, what kind of research?

Stacy: I have a theory that with a few simple questions I can tell what career you are in.

Me: Really? Wow! Sure, I have a minute. Ask away. (Bet I can snow her....I obviously already have....dang, I'm good.)

Stacy: What time do you usually get up in the morning?

Me: 5:30

Stacy: That is pretty early.

Me: Yes, it is.

Stacy: What kind of hair products do you use?

Me: (Oh I am so onto you sister, you're trying to figure out just how much money I make.) I use top of the line Wal-Mart. (giggling to myself)

Stacy: Did you do your hair yourself today or did you have it professionally done?

Me: I did it myself with my top of the line Wal-Mart products. Why?

Stacy: I was just wondering about the braid you have in the back of your hair.

Me: (oh crap) Ummm, ya, I forgot. I did have it done professionally. I just taught my daughter how to braid hair and she practiced on me earlier today.

Stacy: Laughing. That's great!

Me: Well, you know, we career woman have to keep up on the latest trends! It is SO competitive out there.

Stacy: True true. Okay, next set of questions. Where do you normally shop for your clothes?

Me: I believe in being frugal so I try to shop the clearance at this department store in town called "Deseret Industries". Ever heard of it?

Stacy: I think I've heard of it. Is it in the mall?

Me: No, it is a mall in and of itself.

Stacy: The shirt you are wearing. Did you buy it at this "Deseret Industries"?

Me: No actually. It was given to me as a gift.

Stacy: Don't you just love getting clothes for gifts?

Me: Oh ya! Love clothes and shoes.

Stacy: Your shirt has an interesting pattern on it. I've not seen anything like it.

Me: That is because it was custom made. See, this mark here. Some might think that is a stain but it isn't. It was put there on purpose from our black berry bushes. And this pretty orangy red color here is from homemade spaghetti sauce. It's a very organic shirt.

Stacy: Oh that is soooo cool! I am for organic. I buy organic products too. So that other mark on your shirt? Is that organic too?

Me: What mark?

Stacy: The one right there.

Me: (oh crap, she must mean the grease stain below my chest. When did THAT happen?) Very much so! That is with an organic canola oil. Very expensive.

Stacy: Riiight. Moving on. Your purse is darling!

Me: Thanks! I thought so too!

Stacy: Very trendy!

Me: Well, you know. Big purses are in!

Stacy: Yes, they are. What do you keep in your purse?

Me: Oh, you know. The same things every career woman keeps in her purse!

Stacy: Lipstick?

Me: No

Stacy: Hand held mirror, make up, hair products?

Me: No

Stacy: Credit Cards, spare cash, cell phone?

Me: Sort of..on some of those.

Stacy: Business cards?

Me: No

Stacy: Mace?

Me: Of a sort (does chewed up gum stuck in gum wrappers count, or moldy half eaten forgotten sandwiches?)

Stacy: So what DO you have in your purse?

Me: Well, you know. My wallet, some diapers, some wipes, some hand sanitizer, gum, some toys........I believe in being prepared for ANYTHING. You never know when you are out and about and some poor mom will need these items. I do live in the baby capital of the world you know! A career woman always needs to be on her toes and prepared for anything!

Stacy: Riiiiight. Okay, well that just about wraps up our interview. Thank you SO much for taking the time. I know how busy career ladies are so I'll let you get back to your shopping. Oh, by the way. You are missing an earring. It probably fell out on your way in.

Me: THANKS! I'd not noticed......darn....and these were my favorite too. (crap, I forgot I let my boys use my earring for a fishing lure......dang......forgot to get it back before I headed out the door.)

Stacy: That ALWAYS happens to me too!

Me: (Yaaaa, I bet....) So, what is your verdict? What is my career?

Stacy: I am going to bet........that you are a stay at home mom! Am I correct?

Me:'re good! (I wonder what tipped her off......)

Kidding......I'm kidding....I didn't get interviewed but do you ever feel like this some days? The other day I went shopping, had to use the girls room and as I was exiting I noticed that I'd forgotten to yank out the braid in the back of my rats nest of hair. My baby girl had been practicing on me and I'd forgotten all about it. This same dang bathroom had a full length mirror and I really did think before I left that I didn't look THAT bad....upon closer inspection I had stains on my shirt from who knows jeans didn't look as great as I'd thought in fact they looked down right terrible.......and the dumpy frump that looked back at me in that mirror.....all I can say is full length mirrors should be banned from this dang earth!


  1. I have NEVER thought you looked bad or had ratty hair and I am NOT just saying that! Us "career women" need to have confidence! I will agree on the full length mirror. We dont have one, and I wonder every day how my jeans look. or myself in general...I think they should be banned! Whenever I see one I think oh my jeans are to big, my shoes are too dirty...the stains will come soon enough.

  2. You are a career woman. You are a Research Associate in the field of Child Development and Human Relations. Who do you think gives those "professionals" the advice they need when they give their "professional" opinion on anything related to families. ;)

    On a side note, every time I see you I think you look fantastic!

  3. Beautiful. And yes, I know the feeling very, very well. Now I'm wearing shirts that have little clouds of dried up grandbaby regurgitation. Hotcha.

  4. Reminds me of the time I walked past a mirror in a department store, didn't realize it was me, and thought that poor woman - she looks terrible. Really, truly!!! I walked by another one and then it hit me. THAT WAS ME in that said mirror. For starters -- I had taken a nap earlier in the day and forgotten to fix my hair. I won't go into details with the rest of it, but let's just say I think I look better after a night's sleep -- and that's not saying much.

    Gotta love being a stay-at-home mom and, in my case, a husband when asked why he dared let me leave the house looking like that said, "Well, honey, I just thought that if that's the way you wanted. Who I am to say you might want to reevaluate what you look like before we go out." And, to top it off, we had just dropped in to visit some friends of ours. What they must have been thinking!!!!


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