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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I really have issues with my hair don't I?

I awoke to the most bizarre dream this morning.

I was in Barack Obama's kitchen talking to his wife.....

and I was asking her how she does her hair....excepting it wasn't his was some beautiful Latino lady........

and Barack Obama was trying to shove food down my throat.......


  1. First do NOT have issues with your hair. The one day you came over to sit with me, I thought, she didnt even shower and looks like a rock star! Clear skin, natural curl, doesn't even need make up! I...actually took time for the job interview, besides the fact I was sick and used a wet towel on my face whiping away all the "paint", thus looking scary!! Second, do you really pull all 3 of those kids in that cart??? So are you "Iron Woman"?? PS. The table cloth was a steal but the other stuff, not so much. Napkins, got them as a wedding gift from bed bath and beyond but they are not on clearance. :( Facttpr that on and you probably did much better then me!! :o)

  2. Well, the shoving down your throat thing was real enough!!

    The pictures of the kids are lovely, especially the first one - it's very romantic, very almost raphaelian. I loved the quality of it. And Kirsten looks just magical. Beautiful work!

  3. And shoot - you know how we are - if that hair gives you trouble - just chop it off!! (Yeah, and then we'd all have to shoot you!!)

  4. Was Obama shoving cupcakes down your throat? cause I've had Obama cupcakes...yummy. :-) Your children are darling!


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