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Monday, September 8, 2008

Who's the handicapped one?

I'm sitting at the table chopping peppers. It's that time of year. Salsa canning time........Levi is watching a movie when he says:

Levi: Mom, you go get me my pillow.
Mom: YOU go get your pillow.
Levi: No YOU go get my pillow (with a grin on his face.)
Mom: You go get your pillow. I can't, my hands are dirty.

Pause in conversation as Levi continues to watch his movie and I chop peppers. A few minutes later Levi comes bouncing up into the kitchen and grabs the wet rag and brings it to me and tells me to:

Levi: Wash your hands mom. (He walks off to watch his movie and turning looks over his shoulder and says) Mom, go get my pillow!

Mom doubles over laughing and congratulates Levi on a pretty good thought out thought process. Mom washes her hands and goes and gets Levi's pillow cuz my mentally handicapped son just out smarted me! The punk........


  1. I love Levi. I think all kids know more than they let on and that story helps prove my theory.

  2. hah! he's no dummy, that's for sure!

  3. We are wisest when we want our pillows.

  4. Smart kid! He definitely has you figured out. The salsa looks absolutely divine. Maybe one of these days (while I'm waiting for the girls to finish Miss Denna's dance class) I can meander on over and taste some that yummy yield. (Wait...did I just invite myself over? Where are my manners?) I just miss y'all!


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