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Monday, September 29, 2008

I love Fall!

There is something magical that happens in the Fall. I wish I could capture it.....but I can't.

So, we do the best that we can enjoying each and every moment while it lasts.

I love having the river so close and accessible. The hours we've spent riding along the river either on horses or on bikes.........

Jumping off occasionally to wander along the banks. Throwing rocks into the river making "ploops". Over turning stones to see what is hiding beneath in the moist sandy darkness.

Fall. My favorite time of year!


  1. I love Fall, too. The pics of your family by the river are awesome. I love outdoor shots. They show kids in their natural environment just being themselves.

  2. Fall, one of my four favorite seasons. I also love the pics of your kids.

  3. beautiful pictures! Where are you there? Is that the river behind my parents house? It sure looks familiar.

  4. Fall, it's finally nice enough (ie, not so hot you feel like you want to DIE outside)and the colors...ahhhhhh. I love fall...I just wish it wouldn't give way to winter.

    Loved the pix of the kids by the river...guess I need to take the grandkids...they would enjoy that!

  5. Don't you wish it lasted longer? The color on the mountain - the softness of the evenings - the dying of the flies and mosquitos. I wonder if Fenchs are going to be selling pumpkins out of the house this year? I'm in the mood to buy a bunch. I just hope I don't fret my way through it and find myself in the wasteland of November, having missed the heart of it all.

    Here's a new plan - Fall for three whole months, Spring for three whole months - summer for four and winter for two. Whatcha think?


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