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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We're back.......and I'm exhausted already........

More later.....maybe tomorrow.....maybe the never know with me.......I'll report on our trip and show you the picture of Levi sitting on Clinton's lap. I'll give you all the in's and out's of our weekend......when I have time to download all of the photo's and get my thoughts in order......ouch.....that could take awhile. In the meantime, were you all good? Anything juicy happen whilst I was away that you can't bear to keep to yourselves any longer?

Yesterday my baby decided he wanted to sit on the twirlet. (Baby jargon for toilet.) Now, I've been around the block a time or two with my older punks so I knew not to get excited and think that potty training is in my babies immediate future. It just doesn't happen that way.

So, knowing that this was just a "I want you to know I'm still in control mom and I'm gonna make you think you're in control but in fact I am cuz I aint gonna actually go in the potty" situation I played along and perched my baby on the edge of the twirlet.

He sat there for awhile jabbering away about this that and the other and then looked at me and said, "it's not coming out". I asked him where "it" was and he pointed at his belly button and said, "it's in dere". I told him to push "it" out. He pushed his belly button and said, "it's not working"!

Darned malfunctioned button. I wonder if there is a warranty on it........mine seems to have the opposite problem. I think the button is stuck half way so "it" is always leaking......


  1. wow, I had no idea the belly button was so useful. Now I know it'll probably change my life!

  2. My grandpa always told me that the belly button what to keep your backside on. If you unscrew your belly button your backside will fall off. I'm glad to know it has other uses, since I'd love to lose some of my backside but haven't.

  3. Oh, fetch. If I'd known there was a BUTTON for that . . .


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